The Power of Peace – Mother Mary channelled by Anna Marie Croxson


It is the mind and the chaos which resides in the mind that causes you such disturbance, and when this rages within you, you cannot find inner peace.  But now you have to learn that you are your own master, and know that you can control what you think and feel, regardless of your circumstances.

The reason I mention this to you my dears, is that I too have felt confusion, fear, and desperation at many times in my life. And when I found my way back to God he reminded me that there was nothing to fear but myself, my imaginings, and I was told that I was not to let my thoughts of fear dominate me.

So I had to learn to manage this conundrum, gather my thoughts, deal with my fear, and move myself further into the light of my being so I could strengthen my connection with God.  Without my faith I would not have survived such trials and tribulations that beset me, and the many others who were around during that time. We faced very difficult and challenging situations in regard to my dearest son Jesus Christ.

So I know and understand your fears, I know the power that the mind can have over you, but I also know that you can learn to control the mind, control your emotions, and come into a place of peace.  You have the power within you, but many of you do not feel powerful, and often resort to sinking into depression and fear. It is a powerful and challenging lesson to let go of your ego, and let God come into your life, if you try to manage this on your own you may find this very difficult.

But if you surround yourself with people who have faith and who are willing to support you on your journey you can regain your power once more.  The world would have you believe that you are powerless, and that your opinions are worthless, or that your determination to succeed will be sabotaged.

But this is not the truth, and when you learn to harness the power of God almighty, know that he is almighty in every sense of the word. He is so mighty that he will send you miracles, he can send your prodigal back home, or may send financial help when you need it, because he knows your every want and need.

So even if your circumstances appear desperate, be happy in the knowledge that he knows what you need at any given time.  But this will happen in his time and he will award you the good karma you have created, but he will not take away any important lessons that you needed during your journey of spiritual awakening.

When you finally awaken to your soul’s desires, when you finally wake up to the life you are meant to live, and when you finally wake up to your own divinity, it is then you will find the key to inner peace.  

It is only a peaceful man or woman that can assist others in their hour of need, and in that moment, you have to be wise and strong for another, as you help to pull them out of a mire of their own making.  Make no mistake dear ones, the mire you find yourself in is of your own making, but you will find the courage, and with the help of God almighty you will see a clear way ahead for you in good time, in God’s good time.

We call him the almighty because he is just that, a powerful force of good, a soul of much compassion, and he knows exactly what is right for you at any given time. Often you do not know what is good for you, and you struggle and fight against the odds.

Do you did not realise that if you took a step back to take a longer view, and decide to trust him in your moment of need, then you would find peace, a peace that passes all understanding. Peace is intangible, you cannot grab it in your hand and lock it down, for it can be transient, just like the clouds in the sky, and as unreliable as your thoughts often are.

Try to remember that most of life is transient and flows like a summer stream, moving this way and that. So when you learn to go with the flow you will take another step forward to finding inner peace.  But most of all it is very important that you find yourself, by putting your full trust in God, knowing that he works in the most miraculous ways. It is then that you will see the most magical changes taking place in your life.

You see the beggars and the homeless on your streets and wonder how they came to be in such a sorry state. There are many solutions that cannot be answered here today, but just like you, they have a place in God’s heart and if they believe in God, they too will find their pathway home.  Often their troubles start with relationships and many run away hoping to find something better, but they have run away from the truth of their situation, and this is the first problem that needs to be addressed.

I believe that it was St. Paul who explained to us that our first relationship is with ourselves, and he was correct, because it is true, that wherever we go we take ourselves with us.  So even if you move away to another city, abandoning all your friends and family to make a new start, you cannot run away from yourself. You will have to be willing to face yourself before any true revelation can come to you.

This may appear a harsh judgement against you, but I assure you it is not, because to find true peace you have to be at peace with yourself and learn to accept yourself and understand you own essence.  You may have been told that you are not clever enough and others may have criticised you in some way. But understand when another criticises you, they are hurting themselves by degrading another.  So now you must find your true essence and learn to love the person you are today.

You must learn to stand tall and claim the power that you know you have within, and perhaps more importantly, you must learn to love God as well as asking him for help.  He will never abandon you, but he needs to see that you wish to help yourself when you truly seek another path in life. It will be one that will help empower you to live and love at the highest possible vibration that you can muster, and when he sees this effort, he will come to assist you and give you the support you have craved for so long.

During this process of enlightenment, you may also call upon my son, our dear Lord Jesus Christ who will embrace you with his love and compassion whilst understanding the depths of your suffering. And it is to Mary Magdalene, his female counterpart that you may ask to help you find the wisdom that resides in your soul, and it is to me, Mother Mary, that you may come to when you are seeking to find a mother’s love and compassion that will soothe and make you feel safe once more.

So you see my dears, you have a lot of help available and should you wish, you can ask us to intervene and support you during this most challenging time.  We are known as ‘The Power of the Three’ and have come together to support mankind to enlighten him further during his journey of ascension.

This is no lightweight task, but is one we intend to undertake with so much joy in our hearts, as we wish to see our dear children find their true place on earth. Your happiness is our happiness, your joy is our joy, and your pathway to peace is ours too.  You are a child of God first and foremost, you are not alone in the world, and you have a key part to play in the ascension of mankind. I understand you might want to resist this statement of intent, but I can assure you that it is true.

All who serve our lord have undergone their own period of suffering, but now it is time to release all that was in your recent past, and participate in the joyous future that awaits you right now.  You are a child of God, so know no man can put you asunder unless you allow it. Remember God represents power, and he is omnipresent, so you may ask him to help you at anytime.

But many of you do not believe you are worthy, and your cloak of unworthiness overshadows you like a big dark cloud. Now it is time to let any feeling of unworthiness leave you, because you cannot feel unworthy in God’s presence.   So tell him of your troubles and ask him to guide you, and trust him to tell you the truth, so you may find your own way back to finding inner peace once more.

The journey of ascension is not always easy, but we assure you that the more you trust, the more inner peace you will find. But this of course is work in progress and you have to become more mindful and not allow thoughts of old to rise up once more to haunt you. Remember how powerful you can become with God at your side, and listen out for his words of wisdom, follow them to the letter, for he will never lead you astray.

Trusting in God’s goodness is paramount, and if you are able to stay the course, you will never again feel fear in the face of confrontation, knowing that you will be supported every inch of the way.  So even if you are facing a challenge that concerns you, ask him to come to you and you will feel his power surge through you as he guides you every step of the way.

This is the new way of The Truth, The Way, and The light. Know you have to find the truth of you, then you will find your way forward and come into the light.  I know this may sound simplistic, but life is simple unless you wish to make it complicated. Get your mind under control, let go and let God and ask him to show you the way to the inner peace that you so crave.

Find your pathway to God and then you will find that your life will be peaceful. When you allow God to lead the way and get your ego out of the way, you truly will have found your pot of gold. Then you become a master, a master of your destiny, as you spread the love of God wherever you go.  This is your destiny, this is your calling and this is your father calling you home.  Have you heard the clarion call, have you heard the bell chime, have your heard his voice calling out to you?

You are his son or daughter and he is your father calling you home into his heart.  When you have this longing to be held by him and to serve him, all will be peaceful within you forevermore.  Find your God within, find your peace within, and find your soul within. Then you will have found the elusive peace that you have sought so long.  

God bless you dear souls, now go forth and multiply the word of God for all to hear, for all to see, and for all to feel. This is your soul’s mission to spread the word of God, so there may be peace within the hearts of all men, and then peace will reign sovereign in the world once more.

Mother Mary of Jesus

Anna Marie Croxson 

2nd August, 2021.