20-08-19 Quest for truth, hidden truth in vaults, blame for atrocities,

Transcript Date: 20th August 2019

Note from Michael about this sitting: As normal I lit a candle at the start of this sitting, but after a few seconds it extinguished itself and I was joined by new energy unknown to me. He made me sit bolt upright with hands joined at the fingertips as if in meditation.

The Transcript:

Once again we sit my brother, as we watch the world go by with dismay and disbelief.

Listen to the words of wisdom

It is time to listen to the many words of wisdom whispered in your ears as your time is coming once more to bring forth the light, whispering the words to the many beings of your planet, to bring hope to those who have none at this time. Be aware of our presence and do not fear us, for we are the light, we are your destiny if you wish that to be so. So be aware of us, feel our energy and allow a sanctuary within your mind that we may share our words with you, ever hoping to reach those with closed hearts and minds. For the wisdom and knowledge is great that is held within the universe, it shines like a beacon of light to the many who wish to tap into this resource to open their minds to a better way of living in peace and harmony. Continue reading “20-08-19 Quest for truth, hidden truth in vaults, blame for atrocities,”