19-08-18 The Arcturians,Hostility to Others, Loneliness,Quieten Minds

19th August 2018

Tonight may we focus upon the wisdom of fellow men, for there are many in your world who cannot or will not believe in the world of spirit. It has been long since time in the world, that the truth was heard and known by all who walk the earth in peace and love.

His name was glorious to all and his focus was upon those who needed him most, and he brought joy to all in the world of men. He gave blessings to many to intercede with the world of spirit, to allow the words to be spoken, for those men of your world to see the truth of heaven and the light that shines within. Many have ignored this basic instinct and they turn their back on the light, not knowing what they do. But we are ever forgiving and we do not forget those with a heart and mind and a good soul.

Paraphrase things we say this evening Michael, bring focus to your words and allow them to flow like the rivers of light. For life is a river that exists within the universe of love. Transit your mind to the many places far beyond your existence.

We cannot comprehend your world, for it allies itself with that of the negative. But there are many who bring focus of light to all and we would wish them well this evening. Bring hope to those who follow the disasters of the world, let them rest assured that those who suffer beyond your kingdom, will rest easy and in peace.

Today has been like many other in your world, many follow his word and many do not, but nonetheless there seems to be an increase in those enlightened, for it brings them hope in the ever after, and as their years advance so their mind and will, begin to see clearly the things that they should have seen so long ago. As helpless children they listen to the words that bring focus, but they don’t quite understand how it is that one can alleviate such pressures in their world at the slightest touch of a hand and a kind word to be spoken. Describe yourself not as a healer medium, but as a man of focus, for many have brought thought to your mind in recent times.

Your heartbreak was obvious and we saw the pain you suffer, as do many in the world.

Many have messages waiting, but they ponder on the things of man, and although we reach out to them, they seldom listen. So we shall speak for them tonight to bring them joy in their hearts and knowledge of the world that lays beyond your existence as men.

You cannot comprehend this world, but nonetheless, it exists in a far off place, another dimension beyond your world. Your conscious minds may think of many things of your world and they seldom release their conscious state to listen to that within. For there is a vast knowledge, a wealth of knowledge to be gained, by stilling the mind and bringing focus to themselves. Help them if you can and let us tell you this, that to those who quieten their minds and go within, there is much happiness to be gained, much self confidence to be won and an alliance with spirit that will brighten your days for the rest of your life.

So what is spirit, how do we define our existence to you? We cannot be precise for it is a matter of faith and trust, as you well know, but we can tell you this, that if you were to listen to within, then the answers would come as clearly as the bell that rings.

The voice of reason would intercede with many, for their lives are of doubt and are boring. The impact of the recession hits hard to some and not a comfort can be found within their homes, and they sit quietly, pondering the day, when their time will come. They sit in their homes, so alone and separate from the world, and who should call? Nobody, for their are many lonely in your world, and we don’t just speak of the elderly and infirm for there are many who sit alone because they are different, because they do not conform to the modern way of thinking or to the modern way of appearance. They hide themselves away, ashamed to show their face and ask forgiveness for their being. They are creatures of God and there is no shame in their existence. They cannot see how it is that one man can be so cruel to the other, but there it is.

These times in your day are sad times, when men look upon another and say, “He’s different, why should I look to him and help.” We call out to you now, if you know someone who is alone and in despair, then bring them hope with your loving heart, call on them and ask them if they are ok, give them your blessing and say it is ok to be different. For you are all of spirit and your outer casing, your bodies are meaningless to love and light. All equal you are, and those that tread the path of light with honesty and integrity will have knowledge of many things.


Tapping you hear tonight, to alert you and it disturbs your focus and you are unsure what causes these noises. We can tell you this, that the energies change and you may hear a crack, a noise, as the air is disturbed by our presence. We mean you no harm, we give only love and peace to those who ask. We cannot help those who will not help themselves and bring the vision to their eyes, with their minds eye.

We can only say this that to awaken your minds is a blessing and we will bring hope in the not too distant future and your world will see another way of living, another existence. Indeed, strange to your eyes they will be, but they are moderate in their behaviour and they will see that you are simple people and they assist, but any hostility will be deemed as punishment towards them. They understand your ways and the ways of your world.

We bring hope to all who would have understanding, help them to intercede this evening, for we have a message for many in your world of men.

Once more we must enlighten you so that you may understand our being. We are deliberately evasive for we know and understand that you care not for others from different places, even in your own world. You are hostile to them that seek a better life, so we will hold back for the time. We issue warnings to those who bring hostility towards us.

Have no fear, for we will not torture you for your immorality, we can only bring hope and peace for a better world.

A Muslim prayer is heard by many of the state of Israel, and they frowned upon it, and asked why should we accept this behaviour from them. Are they not men of the earth, do they not worship the same way as you do? For their ultimate goal is to reach God and the beings of light. Why do you squabble and fight and create torturous times to the innocent. We cannot understand this, your ? (here a name or word is spoken that we cannot identify) he was born of your country and he sought to bring you peace from slavery and oppression, but still you have not learnt. You are hostile to all those men, women and children who worship in a different way. You believe you are righteous and are entitled to the country in which you live, and not just you, so it is for all humanity around the world. You jealously guard your territories and say “This is ours, why should we allow you in, why should we bring you peace and harbour you from those who would harm you.”

You have not learnt my children, that the world is not yours and yours alone, it belongs to all who have purpose for the light and no matter how you determine that purpose, your will and your love will be judged the same, one is not more righteous than another, as one mind is not worse than another. Forgive yourselves for fearing your freedom, for there is much to be had in unity and equality within your world. Determine yourselves as beings of love, offer out your hand in friendship so that others might see your welcome and bid them good day as they greet you with a smile and a nod. Do not be bitter towards them because their speech is of another language or because they look a different way, maybe coloured, maybe dressed differently than you, but look deep within their eyes and see the soul that exists, for it is no different than you and it may well have been you that was there instead, have you not been born to their world, the world is not yours and yours alone, it is not your oyster to do with as you wish.

We have brought focus to many this evening and have asked for peace and calm in the turbulent days to come. For they are aware of our being and existence. Is it nobler to deny the truth or to welcome it with open arms? For we too are different, it is absurd to think that we would bring you harm, we cannot do this for it is our belief that the civilisations that we greet are for our own path of life and who are we to interfere or stub out that life at a mere whim?

Your men of war have no concern for your race, for their only thought is to bring disruption and chaos to all far off lands. Israel supports this in many ways and we cannot help but wonder why it is such a courageous state should bring fear to others when they have feared themselves. Two wrongs do not make a right. Each man deserves respect and each being equally so.

As we arrive, we will issue a spread of thought to many with focus. Your time is not nigh, but it is for a new beginning, when we will open your eyes to the mysteries that surround you which at present are denied you.

We cannot help but to say, that we, as the Arcturian race, assist and are by your side, help us to intercede with your mind, for thought is the weapon of choice.

Compel your minds in a practice of love to accept us as beings of another world. Do we complain to you when you seek us out? When your rockets find their target, do we retaliate and bring you fear? We think not. There is many a man within your corridors of power that would bring you fear with fearful words so that you may not see that new beginning, new practice of love.

So let us say this, to welcome us would be favourable to your race, to invite us into your homes with much merriment and gaiety would bring you good fortune, but to those who would torture us, deceive us and deny us, we have little words of faith for you.

We will not bring darkness or despair, your fear will be great and your hearts will soar as you begin to understand the reasons for our existence and of our being. Complain not when we say to those of war and power, that you must stand down, be not that man of war but one of peace. You need not worship at our feet, but respect would be welcome.

Continue upon your paths, but be open minded and with an open heart for when the time comes in the very near future. We are your brothers and sisters, we are the creators of many. We worship as you do. And our ships, you call saucers, coming through the heavens, through the stardust and will bring you remarkable things of knowledge.


Truth to say there are many who will not listen, but we have hope to bring them joy very shortly. Tonight we gather to bid you welcome to call out your names and Yvonne (this is what the name sounds like, but may not be accurate), with a thought of love. She may not know it yet, but her time will come shortly when her eyes will be opened to a wonderful new world. She cannot bring herself to say this, to those she loves, but her welfare is ailing as she fears for the future, but she should know that her heart and soul are compelled to love. We will welcome her with many blessings.

Violets are a feature, a flower of love. A spray of these beautiful flowers would be welcome to us as a welcome gift.

Welcome all, a time for reflection is needed by all as they circumnavigate their minds, bring peace and hope to others and joy to loved ones as you acknowledge their presence around you from the other side.

Tonight we give special thanks to one for her allegiance with spirit and her knowledge is great for the things that lay beyond. We hope in some small way to bring you peace of mind this evening. Allow your thoughts of fear to evaporate my child, for life is everlasting and the construction of the universe is great, by Him, the Creator, the master of all.

His universe is little in his wake and he forecasts many things of deliverance in his time, and so it was, that his words spoke clear and loud and resonated around the world to this day. Do not fear his presence as he walks beside you in your times of sorrow, of sadness, of guilt. He will forgive all who come to him, to ask of him what they will. He created many things within your time. You focus, as you live your lives with splendour, we mean this not in a sartorial way but merely to point out, that the many who suffer have little such as you, so give praise this evening and thanks to the creator of life, that the path that you walk is not one of destitution but one of comfortable existence. Practice your hearts will as you may, but bear in mind that the Lord sees all.


16-02-17 Beings of Light,Travelers from Arcturia, Mission of Peace, Knights Templar etc

15th February 2017

Tremendous efforts are made by those of peace to bring purpose to those who negotiate on your behalf. Bring blessings to all my boy, and in your world see the apple that falls from the tree and know that its seed will nurture the ground and bring forth a forest of trees. So it is, that the whispers of the men of peace will sow their seeds in the minds of the dense forest, and as the light eclipses the dark, so it will become clear to all, that he who sits in the heavenly light, will once more reign supreme within your world.

Masters of Eden once spoke of many things regarding torment of man and the purpose that was brought to him through the father of heaven. Help us to understand the motives of your men in your world today, for we see many in despair, tormented, driven from their homes by men who lust in power and have a need for the riches of the world. Do they not see or have a care for those who suffer at their hands?  It was once said that man was a beast of burden upon your earth, you carried yourselves from that garden of Eden in despair.

You truly are a race beyond compare to the many worlds that surround your planet. We negotiate your minds with prayers and thoughts of goodwill and you repay us with your denial. The steps you take, huh, are steps of deceit and as you descend into that lower level you will be engulfed by that of the dark. Despair not, for there are those of the light who will bring and shine happiness to those who have taken the path of despair and they will bring them peace and comfort of mind as they open their eyes to the possibilities held within their life.

We have many times before asked for the quiet minds to focus upon our beings and allow our thoughts of purpose enter. There are few who would listen to our words, but in the final outcome, in the day of reckoning, they will see and understand the purpose they have missed and should have taken. For that was the path of enlightenment. Truly we say unto you, be not afraid of the dark path that looms before you, allow your mind and the physical to wander the road of light upon which you walk.

Many times we have spoken of the one who would come to bring happiness and light out of the gloom. Each of you who operate and work within the light of the heavenly path will be a part of this new creation, new dawn, that will emerge from the rubble of those who task others to slavery.

In truth, we are not embittered by those thoughts of denial, but we embrace the love of those who would shine their light and have a temperament of kindness.

Let your minds not shut out the teachings and words of the holy book, for they have brought you the Gospels of Mark and Luke, John chapter 10 in particular need to be seen. (John 10)

Help us to enquire into the minds of those who have a weakness, mmm, and cannot see the path they tread. We beseech you to walk from that road of dark and become one of the light, as was intended by the Almighty.

Travelers will come, they will meet with your men of science and whisper in their ears of ideas that would astound the world. They may wish to keep secret their correspondence with those of Arcturia, but be blessed in the knowledge, that these will benefit mankind in the light to come.

We have come before and will come again to greet you with a welcome and allow our minds to meld and to bring focus upon those who look upon the world of disasters.

Have you ever wondered why it is that men would denounce other men and the beings of light? Could it be that they too are overwhelmed by the extraordinary power that is held within? They feel threatened, huh, by our authority, but they should know we are here to assist and bring a thought of peace to the many of your world.

Regular trips we have made, throughout the universe’s, worlds within worlds, unaware of their potential.

There are many who wish you no harm, but observe you from the skies of Colorado. They stand in line, asking for permission to enter your world of sin so that they may evacuate your minds and thoughts of the dark roots you have embedded in mother Earth. Perhaps you’ll never know these things, or of our understanding of how life was created, but in the realm of heaven, the light will surely shine to brighten your thoughts and bring you peace.

We are not here to terrorise or scare, or to bring fear to those who do not trust us. Look to your skies, to the heavens above to see the masters of light, hmmm, as we display our thoughts to your world through the symbols of the ground.

Hmmm, we have considered many times the possibilities of evacuation of those men with thoughts of love, but life is a path of learning and we are unable, not able to assist on your path, for it is your free will that will decide your future, good from bad. You are but children in the universe of the heavens. Bring peace to yourselves and become the noble race that you once were.

We come from afar, a place entitled in your books, but we know of your despair. Let us not integrate with your thoughts of despair. For we are of the light, the beings of peace. You may say, how do we know? Who do we trust? These are questions that can only be answered by your thoughts of peace. Be aware of our light that shines around you, but we encompass to the lights with a care, in need of community.

Say this of us, that we are of a nation unfamiliar to your world, but we will embark upon a mission of peace hmmm in the forthcoming election of the presidential being. We will unite man once more with our thoughts, creating not despair, but bringing forth a new era of kindness to yourselves and the earth upon which you walk.

A sadness of the many will be felt in the days to come as the storm approaches from the East, to the West. Be not afraid for there is no shelter from the storm but you must weather it with a heart of glad tidings in the knowledge of what is to come beyond your scope and vision at this time. (NOTE: Is this a political storm or something to do with the weather, or maybe even the sun?)

Complete your mission my son, fight the ignorance that surrounds you in this world of light. Compare yourself not with that of a man who has seen the light, but believe in your thoughts and the commonwealth of man. We are here not to divide your nations but to reunite the many at war.

His will, will be heard on your screens of vision, you will shudder at his words, but make no mistake, they are like hot air that blows in the cold wind, and as such will diminish to cool breeze. For the nations of plenty are aghast at his thoughts and beliefs. Surrounds himself with many things of beauty but the one thing of beauty that he is not, or does not possess, is that of the light.

His thoughts are narrow minded, he gives no conscious thought to those beneath him, for he is a man whom you should not mess with. His thoughts guide him, hmmm now he has the seat of power, huh, who has the power really? He has been thwarted, in disbelief he retaliates. His nature is one of dependence, ignorance. He classes himself above the rest, but as the mighty oak falls, so his crash will sound and reverberate throughout time immemorial. Sitting pretty he thinks, hmmm, not so.

Let us take a moment to whisper in your ears of the many things to come. Fortune is not made through thoughts of wealth, but through thoughts of purpose and peace, combined with the element of love. This is a combination that will ensure others will see your light.

Ah, fragile your earth before the mighty sun, as its luminescence grows brighter by the day. Your cosmos is a great place with many mysteries held within. Your hearts and minds cannot perceive the many different species that inhabit the worlds beyond your space. We communicate this evening to let you know that we come in peace through your thoughts, your mind.

You will speak words of wisdom to those who sit in power on your planet. You are but insects in the grand scheme of things.

Be assured that they will communicate within your thoughts. Ah you are kind of heart, but our gratitude for your thoughts and open mind, a willingness to work at a stride for peace. Let us come through your mind as we are the beings that will communicate in the near future. Do not be afraid, we are not ambassadors of death, we are not evil, rest assured our minds have focus, humph, upon peace in your world. Do not despair but be calm.

Gladiators will come in the spring, and ascension will begin of the man who will arise to fame and power, to bring his thoughts and lines, to grant peace and kindness to you all. Tremendous amounts of will, will be needed to embark upon his mission of love.  (NOTE:  Spring may also be metaphorical, i.e. spring of a new age possibly?)

Samuel Pepys once said that man was made to bear the burden of outrageous circumstance. In a way we now believe, hmmm, and man, hmmm, needs take these steps, for a kind thought will bring peace upon you and the many that surround your planet.

How can we say this with a measure of kindness and peace, that we intend to embark upon a mission of mercies within your world. Fear not our presence, as we are felt by the many who focus, a hand on what they deem to be spirit. An open mind is an open book, we have read yours and many more to know of its contents and its library of wisdom. Know that we have chosen those of wisdom to speak on your behalf. Help us to inspire others to face their weaknesses.

Triggered are the memories of many in the passages and words of past historical, heroic deeds. Knights we were, of the round table. We gathered the many to talk of peace in our kingdoms. Be calm we said, do not agitate yourselves with needless fears, for we are of the realm, the knights that will guide and protect. Help yourselves, peoples of the world for we are not here anymore to help in the Crusades of life.

Vanquish from your mind the thoughts of money and the greed, for peace and love should be sought in those dark places and the memories of men’s minds.

Contrary to your thoughts we have existed within your world, the Knights Templar was a system of bread and riches.

You cannot deny, hummm, they were issued with tragic circumstances brought about their end. Their memories linger on as words of the past. Your thoughts are many as we bring ours to yours, but know that we hear your thoughts, we will vanquish your enemies before you, do not doubt the words that are written, but allow us a thought of kindness.