04-04-17 Peace to Those Who Have Suffered Loss

Transcript 04 – 04 – 17

Combine your energies to bring compassion to others who have suffered so much. Unite your thoughts and tread the path of light to a place beyond your world of men.
Harvest your thoughts with peace and love and combine your actions with thoughts and memories of love and joy that once were.

Cope with the many aspects of life in thoughts of prayers and peace of love and light to others, allow them to direct your thoughts upon the path that is brought before you.

In this time of great sadness, allow your heart to muster the energies required to focus your mind upon a life of love, need and a path of light. Bring your purpose to bear so that others may see that in your strength and wisdom your heart rebounds, it will bring joy to others in the knowledge and of the words of spirit that lie beyond the realms of life. Continue reading “04-04-17 Peace to Those Who Have Suffered Loss”