14-11-21 True Values, Equations, Einstein, Akashic Records, Shared Planet etc

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Transcript Date: 14th November 2021

True Value

Extreme values are met by some without thought. They care not for the responses that they give, or the actions that they take against those who would torment them.

Property is of no consequence and has no value other than to the individual who perceives it as being of value. The true thought of love is the one possession that has value above all things of the physical world and beyond.

Many tame their thoughts in hope of bringing a response of love to others through their demonstrations, issuing alternative methods to the authorities, alternative methods of love and caring, of responsibility to each other and to the earth.

Fire and Storms

Messages of fire will be given shortly, these are not responses in anger, but a response of nature. The storms will gather and the multitudes will sing out, asking why these real events occur?

We can give you the answer, but you should know it within your hearts of love, you must become one with all that surrounds you, one with the nature of your Earth, at one with your neighbours and friends and those you meet.

Message to those who organise demonstrations (Note: we are unsure if the triangular building paragraph is linked with this)

It is no good tormenting the authorities with demonstrations of anger, for they will only respond in kind. You must temper your thoughts and behaviour, and we speak to those who organise these events at this very moment in time.

They will be delivered shortly, in the month of his birth, in various cities throughout your world.

(Michaels Note: At this point I visualised a triangular building followed quickly by the Star of David.)

You see a triangular building and this is the epicentre of thought, their response will be sharp. The Star of David is seen upon the flags, and their responses, as we have said, will have torment for the innocent.

Do not trade your thoughts of love for those of war, bring peace to your hearts and minds and accept that the world was not created for the one being, but for all who occupy the lands and the seas.

Our planet is shared by others of other worlds

The evergreen of your world is seen by other nations from other worlds. The blue of your ocean draws them in like a magnet and they sequentially investigate your Earth, from the magma within to the surface. These are beings of another kind who occupy your space and time. They too are reliant upon your world as a source of energy, and they do not wish its destruction by your misguided ways or thoughts. So, they will intervene when necessary, to disrupt any organised attempt to evict them or to irritate them with weapons of mass destruction.

Many will not understand that your world is shared by others, not of the human race. They pick their places very carefully throughout your world, so as not to be seen.

We follow your words and they enlighten others, and we speak to you through your primitive being and mind that once occupied your bodies. It is through this thought process that action can be taken. Many of you have wisdom, but lack the skills to use this wisdom.

Let us demonstrate a practical lesson so you may understand the truth of this communication.

Major Event

 It will occur on the blessed Sunday of your world; it will involve a major event that will cause great concern amongst your leaders. Life is not threatened, we have other ways to inflict our will upon you, and in the shadows of the darkest regions this will be felt. Your ministers conclude that perhaps it was the sun’s radiation that caused this thermal shock. There are other regions that would influence your planet. No harm will be caused other than disruption in your daily lives. Fear will be rife and anger will replace this fear, for they will want to know how this was possible.

Message for Michael

We join you this evening, not in anger, but with words of thought. Do not feel displaced at this time, for your region is one of choice. You feel isolated and alone, but you have a wealth of loving thoughts issued to you. We have told you before that no one is truly alone, this is not just for the individual, but for all nations upon earth.

Travels of Hans Christian Anderson Travels of Hans Christian Andersen – Travel guide at Wikivoyage

Hans Christian Anderson was a story told long ago and it consists of the travels and troubles of one, you may not have understood, as we find no reference within you, let us tell you this and as you travel as he did you will discover many things of life that cannot be found or sourced from your scriptures. It is only your spirit and soul, your trust and belief that will give you answers to many questions.

Equations of life, Akashic Records and Einstein

There have been many who have sought answers to the equations of life and beyond, and they have spoken in a way that is understood by them, to add a vast store of knowledge that exists in the heavens above. The Akashic records would be recognisable to your associates. Where is this store, this energy, this knowledge? It is stored within the consciousness of spirit that surrounds your world and infiltrates the whole of the universe and universes that exist far beyond your own regions.

We create events that many disregard as fabricated stories. How can we convince you other than what we have spoken of? We mean you no harm, we mean no harm to your world, we wish to open your eyes to some facts, that is what you do, even though it seems local to you, it can affect many others, not just of your world, but of other regions that occupy that same space and time.

Einstein knew this, he knew the consequences of his actions when he evaluated his equations, E=Mc² was one of his popular and well-known, but is it understood? He understood its value, but he did not share it all with the world, for fear of men from your earth who would use it in their eagerness to destroy others. His knowledge was vast and they search through his thoughts to find how in practice, he could have discovered such things. He knew of the universe, he knew of that vast knowledge, he practised what you call meditation. He was a dominant figure in your scientific circles, he had a care for love and purpose and his heart was of a good soul and spirit, he understood the universe in his unspoken way.

Do not comment upon what we have spoken about, but observe and listen. We have called to you this evening to take forth our message. Their response will be nil and they will ask, “Who is this person?” You think not, but all things are seen by those secretive circles of your world. They study and examine many things upon the net, keywords and phrases that alert them to things they consider subversive and unnecessary knowledge. Don’t think that because you are a man, and nobody in particular, don’t think that they do not know.

They wait for a question to be answered that they have asked. You feel you would not be capable to cope with their response, yet one day soon, a triggered response will be heard. 

Question: “What is the reasoning by your continued presence in our atmosphere?”

 Seti have asked this through an equation given, – 2 squared, tangent x 2, E=1 is a response. 2 before the 3 is smaller, yet greater with expansion of the mind. To triple these things will be an answer. To convey them to you is difficult. You must not obscure your mind at this time, for a time will come when purpose will be given.

 Triple the value of light to get the speed and rotation of our travel. It makes no sense to you, but to others, they will understand. Scientific terminology you think is wasted upon yourself, but you only need repeat. A time will come when all will answer the questions given, but for now we leave you.

 Blessings to you.

New speaker

Ena Sharples – sharp thoughts fill with love

Ena Sharples – Wikipedia

Sharples, Ena Sharples was a particular favourite of many. We interrupt this evening for we coexist within thoughts. Many will remember her as a sharp-tongued lady, but her love was great and it could be seen through her character. This applies to many in your world, their thoughts are sharp and filled with love and their tongue can lash out sometimes, unwittingly. But still their love shines out, and it is spoken with an underlying kindness and love. There are many today who do not share these qualities, and when they speak sharply to one another, then it is not tinged with love, but pure malice.

It is okay to speak out sharply to get your point across, but equally it must be tinged with that softness of love, gentleness of heart, and those who receive these outbursts will know this, and their senses will tell them the difference.

You must not be afraid to speak your mind, for your belonging is great, each and every one of you, but do it with balance and a good heart. Forget the ill will of another against you, for they only bring themselves unhappiness within their souls, and as the darkness spreads throughout their thoughts, they find it difficult to allow in the light and love of others. But still grant them your love with a kind heart. Retort to them in words that they may understand, yet tinged with this thoughtfulness, love and compassion for their situation. Sometimes a person, a soul, will speak to another, they may not do this of their will, but driven by something else deep inside and they lack the ability to fight these things off and an outburst becomes sour instead of sweet. They wish to be able to speak in terms of love, yet their inner nature will not permit this.

How can you reach these souls you wonder? We told you love is the weapon of choice and we can only reiterate this, sometimes it takes a little bit of tact and understanding to reach them in their bitterness. You must be tolerant and forgiving. The Bible says to turn the other cheek, we can agree with this, yet many find this difficult to comprehend.

Be blessed this evening upon this sabbath. Amen. 


13-11-18 Help on the Way, New Beginnings, Materialism, Cosmic Rays etc

Transcript 13th November 2018

Condemnation. Condemnation of the many will begin shortly as the blue of the sky darkens with the words so sour and bitter, full of intolerance for others of other nations.

Let your heart not be sorrowful, for this is the beginning that will bring purpose to many, for salvation of their souls.

Illustrious people upon high will sort a kingdom of their own, and they will ask none other than their own to join them, for they are truly alone in their aspects of hate. Continue reading “13-11-18 Help on the Way, New Beginnings, Materialism, Cosmic Rays etc”