05.05.2016 The Immaculate Ones, Thomas Parker etc

Who will test men and serve is worthy. Acquired to serve the purpose of the Lord, his patience is tested on a daily basis. Communicating His will is an extreme measure to grab the attention and protest are your people. Transform your minds into a place of worship allowing His need to enter and wash your minds clean before you die. You must access your life from this planet Earth. Be knowledgeable in His ways and understanding as He reaches out to those with purpose.

The comet ” Hercules ” was a masterful sign given in days past when man was born free. His past times were that of love, an existence all to soon vanished on its path.

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22-04-16 (Storms and Satellites)

Events to come are not in your power to change, but the will of man needs to be addressed, made aware of his purpose and allowing his feelings to make him aware.

We know that once before we have met and throughout time emotions of the souls brings forth new beginnings for each man as he lives his life with purpose. Look into your minds eye and the beauty within that stirs the soul, your path is a great one upon a road of some length, turbulent times ahead are forecast, but to have you understand that although times may be hard, the bright light of heaven shines, giving purpose and guidance to those who would follow it.

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19-04-16 (Earthquakes and Arcturians)

Welcome James and friends.

You speak of peace, love, and honour for the righteous path which you walk to fulfil your purpose before the life of man. Complex your thoughts (‘welcome Peter’) to the outrageous memories of those of ill will, their path is in the dark, to their end they will march as blind men never seeing the light, never knowing the love that shines within. God radiates in all men who walk the Earth for he is a part of each and every man upon the earth.

We neglected to speak of other memories of the past before you, let us begin the evening with worship to the God of the light in the heavens. Many times we have spoken through men of the Earth to warn of the dangers of times to come, never heeding the words that are sent, for his biological path overrules his mind, when it fades within awaken your light with love, honour, respect.

Go to your tasks knowing that we are of the world beyond yours, our masters by which your world was formed millennium ago.

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17-04-16 (Migrants and Maastricht)

Welcome James, welcome Peter.

Four score and ten is a number of which our purpose will show.
(Note: Four score and 10 is 90, possible reference, Queen’s Birthday, maybe the emphasis is birthday – new beginnings as mentioned in previous messages, new beginnings July/August?)

Come before us with gratitude and honour in your heart as we focus upon your being of life.

Temperaments are frayed between those that argue about the purpose of the energies present, they see that which is written and they hide their heads in the sand as the birds of the desert hiding from the burning sun. Contrast are you to those who do not seek the truth in their lives, your temperament is bold with purpose in mind, caress this thought that we are here with wisdom and might to spread the words of the Lord to those of your world. Combined, our strengths will reunite those of intent.

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