20-01-19 Angels of Light, Cover-Ups, A Blackout, Tree of Life etc

Transcript 20th January 2019

Journeys end for many within the universe this evening, but they bring hope to others in an atmosphere of love. Truly their paths are righteous, for they come to you to whisper the things that were and are yet to come within your universe of love.

(It is a) Precious time for outbound men as they release their fears to the cosmos and the universe. For their thoughts are of love. Their deepest sympathy lies with those who have lost their loved ones and we congregate around them, to allow them to feel our energy and our purpose this evening.

Blessed is he who walks with the light of the Lord upon a path of instruction and not that of ignorance. For who is he to say that these words are not real, who is he to beckon us to him and then turn us away as a figment of imagination? We are of stardust just as you, and we communicate in a communal way. Continue reading “20-01-19 Angels of Light, Cover-Ups, A Blackout, Tree of Life etc”