06-11-18 The EU, Teachings of Jesus, Visitations, Message for the Young

Transcript 6th November 2018

Gratified we are that your practice continues in your bespoke ways. Let it not be said that those who follow the light do so in desperation, or for want of need, for there is a path for all to be joined in harmony, in peace.

Bring blessings to those this evening who seek sanctuary within the aisles and avenues of the church.

It has been a long time since we have seen many focus upon their path, but still we have hope.

Many generations within your world are lost and feel that they are without hope this evening, for they cannot see a way to master their lives and become one with a practice of goodwill and humour to others. They seek their answers through the media of your life, hoping to bring practice to many, and hope to their hearts as they shine their light within the avenues of spiritualism. Continue reading “06-11-18 The EU, Teachings of Jesus, Visitations, Message for the Young”


29.05.16 – Disclosure, The Congo, etc


Frequently we have asked for man’s co-operation to connect with the universe of light and love for the purposes of love and goodwill to all men. We have seen these past days many things that trouble us in the universe, yours is but a small insignificant troubled world, you cannot imagine the vastness of time and space, how old the galaxies are that you occupy.

Our task this evening is to you, a message of hope to your nations.

We are told that man has fortitude and will to see through those days upon which men of war hurt each other, catastrophes are looming in the regions of the far South. Before the year is out, a new dawn will begin for some, for others it will end. But rest assured that all will receive an awakening of sorts.

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