16-07-17 Birth Announcement, Messages in Songs, Crop Circles, Purple, etc

Transcript 16th July 2017

NOTE: The first speaker has the most gentle loving voice imaginable ..

Come to us, with your minds focused upon the light that shines before your eyes. Your memories fade of times past, when life began so long ago.

We are here this evening, we seek no audience with those who would condemn us, for we are the beings of the light and we are here at the request of Michael once more. Please gather around and keep this thought in mind; that all who follow the word of the Lord and practice their love to others around, will be given a tumultuous welcome within the light of love and the light of the realm of the Lord. Continue reading “16-07-17 Birth Announcement, Messages in Songs, Crop Circles, Purple, etc”


16-12-16 No Discrimination and No Judgement, Our Thoughts Go Into the Cosmos

16th December 2016

(NOTE: The channel is coping with various stress at present, which may be evident to the reader in a couple of places within this message – this may also be reflected in the message with a few inaccuracies, There are mention of names and places which may not be totally correct ie, Maximus may be Marcus and The Pastor, John Thomas may not have come from New Orleans, we can find evidence of a pastor of this name but not in that area)

Many times in the past we have seen the many illusions of life, bring a force and a purpose in man not that of the God. We hold your lives within his light, only acting upon your request. Let us into your heart, believe in us and trust in our words as we tell you that we are here by the side of each and every man and woman, child and creature upon the earth. We have no illusion of man and his purpose, but we offer refuge to those in need of love at this time. Continue reading “16-12-16 No Discrimination and No Judgement, Our Thoughts Go Into the Cosmos”