18-04-22 Focus on peace and love, pathogens and cures, time of awakening, those in authority etc

Transcript Date: 18th April 2022

Focus upon peace and unity

Tremors in the minds of many anticipate a time when life will once more resume in a pattern of love and companionship. The union of man and beast must once more resume to initiate a new time and a new beginning. To date, this unfortunately has not occurred as yet, yet we have hope for the future of all.

As we speak this evening, we would like to ask you to focus your minds upon peace and love, upon the union of your families, of your neighbours, friends and all those in the world at this time who suffer from the utmost indignity that can be issued by your kind.

Times are hard for many, not just in other countries of the world, but in your own. It is time to recognise that if you are in a position to help those in need in whatever little way you can, then do so, for this will bring purpose and joy to them in these bitter times of hardship.

Those in authority

We long to speak to you and say that our love is absolute, but many will not listen, as their lives are paramount at this time. The many who sit in a position of authority do so with one purpose in mind, they look no further than the house in which they sit, for their business is ‘great’ in their way of thinking, and they do not need an input from those of the ‘lower classes’ shall we say, to influence their decisions, for they have ultimate authority and will judge events in their own way.

Sometimes an ear is needed to listen to those who have less authority, for they live in the real world and they think of many things that could improve the situation at this time. Let it not be your thoughts of grief that affect your way of thinking, do not allow the thought of anger to step in and dominate your lives, for there must be equilibrium in all things of life.

Peaceful change – awakening awareness

A task we have set you before mankind. This will resume once more to test the attitudes and abilities of many who sing this evening to bring comfort to their minds and peace to their thoughts. They think about the things to come within the near future, whereby they can initiate a plan for all in the near future, their purpose is not to rule, but to guide those who might listen to their words and their actions. They wish no harm upon anybody or anything, not even to the smallest creature that walks upon your earth, underfoot and unseen by you. For all life is precious and stems from that one source, that one being of creation of which all of you are connected and united.

You must regain your sensibility to once more proceed upon a path of enlightenment, and triumph over those who damage your thoughts with their intent to deliberately sway you from your path, you must turn to them and look them in the eye and say, “I will not be turned, I am a child of the light and I will not listen to your words of discontent, nor your thoughts.”

Think upon these words, think about the circumstances that surround you at this time, look at the gravity of the situation that the world faces in these bleak times upon your earth. They are nothing new, the struggle for life goes on continuously, not just with your race and species, but within many others who inhabit your world. But you were given a gift of thought, of creation, of imagination, and the ability to build upon the teaching of the past. Yet you seem to have lost focus upon this and do not adhere to those words of the past and the teaching given. It seems you are in freefall as a species, yet one will come to conquer the minds of those who bring despair in your world today, the name of which will be unfamiliar to you, yet the actions demonstrated will bring you to a thought of, “Who is this person that seems to dominate my thoughts with love?”

The answers are there, and he came once before with the soldiers and warriors of heaven to ward off those of evil, to bring peace and love to your world. He carried your sins upon his journey of life and took it upon himself to be sacrificed at the cross. This soul, this being will be with you once more and his greatness will shine like a light in the dark to all who would see the beauty of this light.

Tonight, we have spoken of love and the balance of life once more.

We hear your thoughts

We hear your thoughts constantly as you work throughout the day, never be frightened or ashamed in your belief of the one true God, never cause discrimination amongst yourselves, but enlighten each other in the best way you can, for you have been given an intelligence, and this intelligence signifies a difference between you and the other creatures of the world and you have to learn to control and listen to this intelligence. It was not given for the domination of one nation or the creation of wealth for any particular individual. This intelligence was given so you may flourish and one day bring purpose to your soul’s journey. You are no less an animal than the four-legged creatures of your earth, but as we say, your intelligence puts you in a position of responsibility, not just to yourselves, but to all living things upon your earth. Do not bring shame upon your race, but allow your love to shine, even in the most grievous situations and desperate times.

Pathogens and their cures

Pathogens are many in your world and they seek out those who have a weakness within their bodies. They reign supreme in many countries of your world today. The cures needed for these pathogens can be found within your world, your science knows of these things, yet they deliberately enhance them for their ill-gotten gains and their warring ways. Isn’t it time you let nature rule your earth and not your arrogance and warring ways? Isn’t it time to live free of the bonds of life and that you will once more become part of the earth that bore your bodies, in which your soul resides? These pathogens are released and are subsequently received by those weakest in body, and they succumb to the illnesses of your world. Your problems at this time are no different, whilst some are able to continue on, others lose their lives from the effects of this pathogen of man.

Do not become complacent with your lives and think that your bodies are strong enough to cope with all things that are thrown at you by your masters. There will come a time when these things will be seen and the truth will be highlighted. Their shame and their guilt will be seen by all humanity and all who live at this time. Never doubt their purpose, for their end game is power and greed.

Use Intelligence

We have spoken about the intelligence that you have been given, separate from the other creatures of your world. It is true that you have your animal instincts that still reside within your bodies and your minds, but the intelligence given to you was given in the hope that you would rise above your natural instincts and create a world with the intention that love should be given to all and that you would be the guardians of your world. This has not happened, and we regret to say that it seems at times that we made an error in allowing your kind the ability to think and create. But saying this, there is hope. We see this hope in many today who wish to change the status quo and bring back that love so as to advance your race in companionship and the love of the world and the creatures upon it.

We have hope that they may surpass the dangerous minds of those who only seek power and greed, which will do them no good. For when they leave this earth, as you will one day, then all this self-satisfaction will be left behind and they will be bare before the creator and spirit, their misdeeds will be open and seen, for they cannot be hidden.

Use this intelligence which has been inherited and given by others to advance your race, not just for one’s comfort or need of power, but for all life upon earth to benefit and progress, to advance your civilisation to a point whereby others can intervene and assist without prejudice, without fear of being attacked. Become a nation once more united in love, let your differences be settled with peaceful thoughts.

This can be a challenge at this time, for there are many who will disrupt the peaceful prayers of others and the peaceful lives of those who wish to live a life of goodness. This disruptive element is seen frequently and is vibrant within all nations of your world. It is time to squash their thoughts, to let them see that you will not be intimidated by their actions, and that in fact they are the minority of your world. Sometimes you feel justice is not given or been done, for it seems they have a free hand to do as they will, whenever they wish within your world. Yet their time will come when they will have to answer for their misdeeds and misgivings.

Have hope for the future, let these peaceful thoughts run through your life and demonstrate it to your family and friends and your neighbours, and all those that you come across, no matter their species. For if you mistreat one of any of these species, then it is true to say that you will also experience the same extremes.

Go with your lives and use the intelligence to see that it was given to enhance your civilisation and to assist the world and creation upon it in a specific way, to enhance life, to bring hope to all.

Lighten your heart with love

Lighten your heart with love, let your thoughts be translated into love so that others may hear. Let hope begin once more, and that all suffering within your world will come to an end and peace will resume once more in a life beyond your world.

It is hard to imagine such a place at this time when your minds are full of the issues of life. Yet the supreme intelligence that oversees your world, does so at all times within your creation. You are never alone, nor will you be left alone, for even in those times when all seems lost and the persecutors of your world torment you and torture you, we will be there.


29-07-20 Covid 19, Temptation, Vaccines, What lies ahead? Bereavement, Ego, Support, Purpose

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Transcript Date: 29th July 2020

Kindness is given in all shapes and forms. Many must follow their heart and free themselves of the temptations of life, to open their minds and have courage to face the future. For it comes regardless, to all who exist on earth and beyond.

Traverse your minds, this evening and bring yourself purpose once more as you live your lives in those mundane ways, but they need not be so mundane, just turn your eyes and heart to that of the spiritual realm that exists all around you.

Susan, be blessed this evening, for an angel has come to give you guidance, your words are wise and are seldom heard, but to those of like-minded hearts. Continue reading “29-07-20 Covid 19, Temptation, Vaccines, What lies ahead? Bereavement, Ego, Support, Purpose”

18-09-16 Potential Interruption of our Internet, Freedom of the Press etc

18th September 2016

Nathan was a purposeful man in his time, he was followed by the many of his age as their light shone upon his brow so he took it upon himself to become the master of ceremonies. His thoughts grew. The words of ignorance as he became embroiled in his own importance and magnificence, we cannot permit such things. As men of the Earth you must bow down to the Lord of mercies, proclaim his name as the master of all on earth and in the heavens above.

We bring you messages of joy this evening, phrases and paragraphs to enlighten your minds we raise the curtain that envelops your world at this time. Speak to those of like minds, let them know our words and that they should spread them for the good of all. We speak from a heart of love, loyal devotion to our Lord, our father in heaven. We praise those who follow the path of light to become worshippers of the Lord and to know his brilliance, his masterful strokes upon those lives in your world. Continue reading “18-09-16 Potential Interruption of our Internet, Freedom of the Press etc”