03-05-17 Chief Joseph, Commodus, Isambard Brunel etc

Transcript 03 – 05 – 17

Blessed is he who walks the earth with peace in mind and love for his fellow man. Truly it is said, a man who knows his fellow being, is a creature worthy of the giants of heaven. Come now brothers and sisters, let us talk, and light the true light of life and love and of heaven.

Be at peace with yourselves in the knowledge that all life must one day cease and a new one begin. To start a new day, in a new dawn, in a new world of life, can only be a measure of a mans existence. Continue reading “03-05-17 Chief Joseph, Commodus, Isambard Brunel etc”

22-04-16 (Storms and Satellites)

Events to come are not in your power to change, but the will of man needs to be addressed, made aware of his purpose and allowing his feelings to make him aware.

We know that once before we have met and throughout time emotions of the souls brings forth new beginnings for each man as he lives his life with purpose. Look into your minds eye and the beauty within that stirs the soul, your path is a great one upon a road of some length, turbulent times ahead are forecast, but to have you understand that although times may be hard, the bright light of heaven shines, giving purpose and guidance to those who would follow it.

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