02-05-22 Healing Flame of Love, Disease from Diet, Damage to soil, Shield of Light etc

Transcript Date 2nd May 2022

The Healing Flame of Love

The candle of light burns bright in many at this time as their thoughts reach out to those in need throughout the world, for there is need of healing within your world of men. It is through this healing, the light of this candle burning within your hearts, will free men from the torments of the world today. Allow this candle to burn bright, visualise this candle with the runs of wax which drip down the sides and into the saucer beneath. See the flame that burns bright within and look to the centre of this flame, for in the centre of your soul and your body, is your heart and the love exudes from it.

The candle is a symbol of peace, like the dove. They work together within your beings to instruct you within your lives, to bring you hope of a new dawn to come and His light that will shine throughout the world of men, enveloping all the creatures of the earth and beyond.

Tonight, we speak about the metaphorical candle and the light that shines from it, the light within that represents the love within your hearts. But this light exists beyond your world and can be reached through your thoughts and prayers. Never be ashamed to sit quietly and speak to the wisdom of the universe, for the angels and guides that walk with you throughout your lives, work with you constantly, ever changing and constantly evaluating your lives to bring new purpose, and a need of this love in return.

Finding faith for those who suffer

To those who suffer this evening with the regrets of life and love, don’t be ashamed to release your emotions, not in anger, but with a concerned heart. Allow your thoughts to wander the realms of spirit and ask for revelation within your lives and it will be given. Ask for love to be returned and it will be given. Your lives are created from that being of love, and to that being you will return. Some will have lost their way whilst others have strengthened in their faith and trust, no matter which it is, know that you will be welcomed once more and given the opportunity to further your spirit and soul.

In times past, man has desecrated the faith that he was given, even in this modern day and age in which you live, this faith is still being abused for the benefit of others, yet the vast majority who worship do so with a good heart, trust and faith, and their needs are few compared with those of want. Be humble in your lives and in your aspects, be honest and truthful, so that others may see you are a being of the light.

Illumination of truth

We speak in terms of the light, and when we do so, we talk of the illumination, the illumination of the truth that lies within. It is a term commonly used to refer to spirit and God, and the enlightenment you receive from these energies is great. The light, as in the candle, illuminates your way, and in this illumination the truth will be told and your path will be seen so clearly, as if even during the evening and night you were walking within the light of day. This truth will reach your soul and your heart and begin to open your eyes as to your being, and the truth of your existence at this time.

There is a reason for all things, those that are created by men of evil intent and cruelty to others and the animals of your world, they are created by themselves and they do not see the light, for they are walking within the shadows. But others can illuminate the way by shining the light upon their paths so they may see a better way to travel within life, other than to torment others with extreme punishments of war and greed.

Never allow your thoughts to stray from this path of light. If you doubt what we say, then focus upon your being and your inner-self and the illumination will be bright and will overwhelm you as you begin to realise that you are not just a creature of the earth at this time, but you are part of creation and the Creator. You are of the universal energy that surrounds, not just your living world, but all in creation. So, when we say ‘to be within the light’ or when you say ‘you work within the light’ understand the true meaning, for it is a blessing to all to walk within this light and to see the path of truth before them.

There is much to be said about spiritual wisdom and the religions of your world, they revolve and are centred upon trust and faith. You must be determined in your actions when you speak about these things, for it is not a whimsical thing, it is part of creation, and you are a part of it, as it is a part of you. So have trust and faith, do not doubt your feelings or the voice within that will guide you throughout your lives. His light will shine upon you and His being is constant within your lives, we speak the truth as always.

Time of Chaos to a New Dawn

Be prepared for a time of chaos and confusion that will seem overwhelming within your world and within your lives. Do not speculate upon the outcome, for it was written long ago that the world would once more see a change in its creation and in its being. Your lives are precious to you and you should view other lives as being as precious as your own.

It is disturbing to see that man has not learnt from the past and continues to war with each other, creating unrest where the innocent will suffer. They say that ‘never the twain shall meet’ and that is between good and evil, yet the world is confused and good intercedes with the evil in the corruption of man. For although your wars are devastating to many, many look on and do not quite understand the suffering that is caused.

There is much turmoil that meets the eye and your news media hide the truth from you to spare you the suffering that is received by others, but you must see and understand in order to appreciate and learn that there is no gain in causing suffering to others, or to yourselves. You must unite as a species once more to eliminate the pain and suffering, you must begin to work together to bring about a new dawn, a new world, where the young may grow in peace and learn by your example.

In truth we have hope for you, yet our hopes are dashed time and time again. For there are those of your world who do not see this truth. Their narratives are small as they convince others of their country in their true purpose to free their minds, to free their souls and bodies from those that they deem as being dictators. How many times must you endure these pains and sorrows? How many times must the victims call out before you respond with a helping hand to ease their turmoil and their pain and suffering?

It is not easy to appreciate these things when you live in comfortable surroundings, but you must engage in thought, in caring thoughts towards them, and see them as they suffer. For they are bearing the brunt of what could be faced by all humanity if times do not change.

Bring hope to yourselves and to the children of the future, do not allow the whimsical men of the world to dictate and rule over you with their monstrous behaviour. Demonstrate to your children the love and caring that you feel, so they may respond and understand that a caring heart will always win over those of the dark. It is your responsibility to look after your world and your men and women who live upon it. It is your responsibility to care for the creation of the Lord in whatever form it may be. A hand will be given to help in these situations, but first you must find this trust, this truth within yourselves. Amen.

New speaker

Diseases from our diet

She responds with delight upon her face as her name is called, and there seems to be a glimmer in the darkness that surrounds her, for she suffers with the condition of dementia, as do many of your world. Where seemingly your loved ones no longer exist within your plane of life, they exist within a world deep within their minds, in a different world to yourselves. It is a debilitating disease in which the onset begins slowly, but increases steadily as it begins to overwhelm the mind. The symptoms cause distress to families of those loved ones and they seek answers to this illness and the issues that it holds.

Many ask, “Why do these diseases still exist, why are they common in the world, particularly at this time when your science seems to be at a peak?” These diseases have cures within the natural substances found upon your world, they are caused by yourselves, by the additives and the ingredients that you consume through the manufacturing processes throughout your world. For some of these processes are faulted and the process is contaminated by the cheap substitutes used to conform to your laws.

There is only one way to live a life relatively free of such illnesses, and that is to be natural in your being, do not consume the things that you know could cause harm. Eat in a natural way if you can, to avoid the substances of life.

The crops that feed your world are grown continuously and the soil beneath erodes and becomes infected with the microorganisms that will also affect your bodies. And like your bodies, the soil will wear out, decrease in fertility and goodness, and as it does so, so your world of men who consume these products, that which you call bread, will also begin to diminish when the effects of these microorganisms affect your bodies.

We understand that you must eat to survive, you must consume only the natural goodness of the vegetables of your world, but food consumption grows at an exponential rate and not all in your world are able to have the luxury of food upon their tables. You must find a way to conserve the energy of your earth, not through your chemicals and biological substances, but in the natural way. Your race grows day by day and this puts pressure upon your consumption of food.

Many see their lives being overwhelmed by work and their pastimes and hobbies. they do not dedicate enough time to work with the earth that they may have and not all have the luxury of being able to do this, but there are ways to help, there are ways to ease the problem and the burdens upon your bodies, consume the natural products if you can.

When the time comes to focus on the world beyond

A time will come for all when they need to focus upon your world and beyond, to the next life that is waiting for them, where goodness is the only profit gained, love reigns supreme and your purpose will be brought once more, to live a life as ordained by that of the light. You must not be scared of this prospect, nor harbour fear in your heart, for it is the natural thing to live a life and to move on.

Have no fear of your future Michael, for your future will become your past and your past will become the future once more. For all things in time evolve and revolve in a circle that we have spoken about, that circle of life. Do not communicate your fears to those of your life, let them hear the words of goodness and the prospects of the new form and being to come, when love reigns supreme and your thoughts are free to enable others to live in a better way within the physical.

Many feel fear at the prospect of their passing, including yourself, yet you know the truth within, and this guidance we must give to others through you and through your life. Attempt not to speculate upon your time, but begin to work a practice of love and initiate a program of learning and teaching for others in whatever way you can. Follow the example of others who have no fear, for their trust is absolute. You feel that your trust is also absolute, yet doubts creep into your mind now and again, and this is the human condition, the battle, the one true fight in life, is to overrule those thoughts that would bring you down, this is the battle between light and dark and it is endless for all that of spirit. It is a battle in which you must be strong and overcome the weaknesses within your human form. It can be a hard battle to be won, yet if you truly fight this battle with love, then you will win over those thoughts that will bring you down and demoralise you within your lives.

Shield yourselves with light and love

Protect yourselves from that of the dark, shield yourselves with the light and love of his truth. Hold him close to your heart and he will be your knight in shining armour that will defend you against all things of the negative. See the light that shines and allow it in to overwhelm your body and your soul, you are a warrior of the light, as are others who follow the words. All those who work in the name of the light must shield themselves for there is always torment that will attempt to sour their minds and their being. Be strong in your wisdom and thought, have a care for others and allow them the knowledge that you hold within and the truth that will shine from your heart. Never be afraid to access this wisdom, for it is held within the consciousness of spirit that surrounds and envelops you all in your lives. Allow it to shine, even in the darkest of times when everything seems helpless and there is no hope, there is always hope within the light and it will bring you much purpose and relief from these negative thoughts.

We are of the light, and you are a part of the circle of light. You must endeavour to embrace those who can only see the gloominess of the dark, it is your purpose as a group to bring joy to others and allow them to hear the words of wisdom that are spoken. This is your path, this is your purpose, to all who hear and read these words.

No one man is a castle, for it takes many to build the fortress of light. No one man can defend others from those of the dark, for it takes many to illuminate and overwhelm this darkness. This is the truth and it is spoken so that you may hear the words of wisdom and knowledge that is held within that heavenly light and within His being.

Hold fast as times begin to whittle away at your soul, hold fast that light and hold it brightly within your hearts. Be kind to others who you meet, bring them joy and happiness within their lives, for the time is short lived upon your world, yet everlasting within the heavens above. With knowledge comes the wisdom and the truth.

Good evening. Amen.


12-10-20 Climate, Balance, Truth, Focus on Universal Energy, Judgement, David Attenborough, Vivien Leigh etc

Transcript Date 12th October 2020

Parable of the Stags Amongst the Heather

Stags amongst the Heather, they are seldom seen by men for they run in fear of what may happen or that they may be seen. They rut in the season of joy to bring forth the next generation and they fight and squabble amongst each other to jostle for position and status in life. 

Many of your world hide in a similar manner, not wishing to be seen, not wanting to be heard, but all the time having an aspect of light that they would so much like to share with mankind.

You cannot run and hide, for your task is a mighty one, you must enlighten others, show yourself at times so you may be seen to the world of men. The task is great and is seldom completed or won, yet many are like the prospectors of old, they search for that treasure and a way to reach others.

Be open with yourselves and others

Tonight we speak as guardians of the earth, as ‘protectors’ in the shallow sense of the word, for we cannot protect you from yourselves. Seldom have we seen such anguish as at this time in your world of men. Your beliefs are strong and you are capable of many things, but you must release them to bring forth an expansive mind, so you may be open with yourselves and to others.

Tense words are spoken by a few who neglect their needs at this time, they are worried and concerned about the future. This is of great concern to many at this time, for their needs are great for their family friends, and loved ones. But be open minded this evening and allow them a thought, that times although seemingly hard, will improve. It is just a matter of time.

Many will lose their battle to sustain the right to freedom of thought and mind. They work tirelessly, hiding in the undergrowth, beating out their message in the hope that they will be heard, like the Stag who stands proud and yet hidden, they watch very carefully for the signs of times to change.

Bring focus to yourselves and others this evening. Allow our thoughts to flow as the rivers to the sea, we speak in much metaphor, we mean no offence to you by speaking in these terms, but these things are familiar with you, they may strike a note within your minds.

Much to learn as you become one with the universe

Do not bargain with us for your personal needs, but we welcome those who voice an opinion of need, not of greed, but of welfare for their family and friends. So much to say and so little time to spend saying it. There is much to learn, as we have spoken of, and the pressures and forces of life weigh down heavily upon yourself and many others.

When you release your mind you become one with the universe once more. Feel the energy about you, welcome us with your love as we are your ancestors of long ago. You will join us once more in a time to come, but for the present, there is much need for you to welcome others of a similar stature and background, for their words are true as they speak their minds with the knowledge given from the universe. Help them to understand that yours is a different way, and that each person, each soul, has their own individual path to walk. It doesn’t matter who comes first or last, the all-important thing is to focus. We guarantee that the words will be listened to.

Time and time again we have spoken of many things of your world, of happenings and events to come and those which have occurred. Although these things are relevant to your kind as evidence, they are not necessary, for we wish to speak to you in a matter of love, caring and healing for others in your world at this time.

Do not allow your thoughts to wander, do not retrace your steps, for you must move forward as time beats on slowly, but inexorably to a conclusion. Tell us your thoughts Michael, think of us as we think of you, do not allow your mind to waver in the wind, but be steady and forthright in your manner.

You have concern and we understand this, we know that many reach out in vain. Do not be tempted to drift and slide within the wind, be stable, steady and focus upon your being. 

Scarlett O’Hara (Vivien Leigh) Character in ‘Gone With the Wind’

Scarlet O’Hara, a random name, but an actress of life who sold her words so well on the big screen. She is with us now, her time was fraught with danger, for there are many who would lash out with greed in their eyes. She was a wondrous woman who brought much to the silver screen of life. Her tantrums were many, for she fought to be recognised in a time when men only were seen as the actors of the day. Many such as her walked their lives with turbulent times, but she has come to a conclusion that her time was well worth the expense of exhaustion. She stands here today, her memories many of those times. She feels the need to speak to those who will listen.

“My audiences were wonderful, I did not see the many, for I was upon the screen of life, but my thoughts, my compassion for life were great and my charitable causes were seen as wondrous in those times. I felt the need to stretch out my arms, to reach out and call him to my side, I was a heiress of the silver screen yet I never shut myself away from those in need. Tell me this, how is it these days that so many of the actors betray themselves with their greed? Their art and craft is their bread-and-butter, as was mine, yet their passion sometimes seems lacking in comparison to my day. I do not mean to belittle them, for they bring much happiness to those of the world, but they must find joy in their own lives, in a passion for their art, the craft that they work.

Much violence is seen and the temperament of man has changed, gone are the days when we sang and danced, brought joy to others through the stories of love and fairytale endings. I am sad to see the things of these times, but I rejoice in my time, as I danced and sang to the music of love. I am Scarlett O’Hara (Vivien Leigh) and I fade now, but my thoughts are many and I still reach out to the world with gratitude and love for that silver screen and the position I was granted. Thank you for my time.”

Purpose was brought to her in many ways within her life. She rests easy now within the spiritual realm, that universal realm that many will reach in a time to come. She had many regrets, many memories of love, and so it is with many upon the earth today who live their lives living with regrets, living with hope and promise of a better future and better times to come.

Balance between rich and poor, good and bad

How will you fair in these times? It is up to you to make an effort, not to destroy one another, but to welcome one another with love. The potential for many to lose hope is great at this time, as they cannot see a way forward, they lose their work, their jobs, their homes are at risk and the plates are meagre. How can so many suffer within a so-called United Kingdom? And it’s not just of your country, but of the world, where one has much and the many have little. The equilibrium, the balance has tipped to one side now and truly it must change to bring hope once more to that which you call ‘the working class’.

We speak often of the elite and the rich, we mean no malice towards them, only to open their eyes and force them to see that there is much need in the world and those who hold on to those ‘mega riches ‘ must release them, for how much do you need in one lifetime? We cannot understand their thinking, for they grasp at every little penny to become richer. This is all very well if they were to share and bring hope to others in these turbulent times. Yet many hide their possessions and their wealth within other countries so it is not seen, they evade your taxes and they become aloof to you. This can only cause friction, this can only cause harm. You have seen it in the past with other nations, do not let it become yours within this nation.

Times are hard and even when those times get harder, strike out with your thoughts from within to support each other, do not combat those who will wear you down. Help them to understand your life and purpose, for the common man must bring hope to each other once more in the world of men.

Colleagues have spoken of things that you cannot comprehend and the meaning is lost to you, as it is for many within the world of men. You must strike a balance between good and bad, focus upon that universal energy that would bring you hope once more.

How can we grant you peace in your lives when you do not find it with each other. For what purpose does fighting hold? Only to bring harm to one another, a call to arms is heard, to retract the fears of those who cower at the hands of others. The time must come when peace should be found within the world of men and the light brought by those who have a connection to the world of light. As men, you are tasked with many things to bring purpose to each other and you cannot see this, for you are blinded by the times in which you live. Bring us hope that one day you will see a better way.

Bring understanding and kindness to each other in your thoughts and actions, do not be afraid to speak out to those who will not listen and turn a deaf ear, for you must be heard with the spoken word.

Judgement and Condemnation

“Lift me up” he said, in thought and prayer. Abolish and abandon my thoughts of fear as I step to the gallows of life. Words spoken by him of long ago, of whom do we speak you would enquire? Nothing more than a man who suffered indignity at the hands of others through their fear and betrayal. Many such innocents suffered upon the gallows of life, swearing to bring vengeance upon them, those souls who caused them to depart. Yet upon receiving the light, their attitudes changed and forgiveness was given to those fools of those times.

The judgemental deaths were many, man still continues to judge one another without apparent cause or reflection upon the situations of that life. You cannot condemn one man for their thoughts unless you condemn yourselves. You must obtain a position in life to stand separate from the crowd to observe and listen, not to judge, but to give equal rights to all, whomever they are, or where they come from.

It’s not a pleasant thought to think of these things from long ago, when men and women were executed for no other reason than for a loaf of bread or perhaps a corn of wheat to eat. You may think not so harsh these days, yet vile indignations continue on throughout the countries of the world, and not just man against man, but man against beast, for your natural world is unstable at this time.

Food riots will become a problem in the future for many countries. The rich will look on and judge them as being tormented souls or troublemakers, but you must reach out and give what you can. Do not listen to those hard tongued, open mouthed individuals that condemn those of the starving and ill. How can things change for the better? It is a question asked by many, how can we change these things of life, for they are dominant over us.

Numbers and Balance

An equation of maths would sum it up for you, for all equations, no matter whether it be of life or the mathematics of life, all must come to a conclusion. Either an answer is found of the positive or the negative. We speak in terms of numbers once more, we have given you an illustration of the numbers of life and your numbers increase tenfold at this time as you infest your planet.

Equilibrium must be brought to bring balance once more to the natural world and this includes yourselves as the human being. Do not let the governments topple your thoughts with pressures unreasonable within your lives, tell them, not in anger, but with love, of your thoughts at this time. You may think none will listen, but there are those who swore an oath and allegiance and their ears are wide open. Even within those corridors of power the hierarchy are dominant. Do not lose hope for the future, for it can be so bright in a new time to come. Blessings to you this evening my friends.

New speaker

Climate and David Attenborough

Alaska is spoken of as the ice melts rapidly at this time. It washes over many lives that depend upon this ice and it is not seen by the wider world, for it is hidden far away.

Your man has spoken on the crucial need for action at this time. His times have been great and are greater to come, for he is a spokesman upon which you should listen. We have told you before about the teachers of life and he is one, and yes David (Attenborough) is the name we speak of. Teachers come in all shapes and sizes, all forms and in different and varied lifestyles. His brother was also an actor of the big screen, (Richard Attenborough) but no less caring to others.

You must understand, that thought carries a great weight with it and those who speak out at this time may not be heard, even those of the elite, for they are not wanted by those of disillusionment. Combat your thoughts of fear. The world has not ended and time will continue on. Muster your courage so you may find hope in your hearts, cling to each other as the family of man and never let go, for if all that you have is love, then that will sustain you and bring you courage and hope for the future.

You may say it takes more than this, more than that to fill the plates for my children. Yes, this is so. We cannot say that things will change in the immediate future, but still, love and trust is what is needed. If you can dominate your fears and bring hope to your children, then perhaps they can change the world around you, for they are the future of your world. Do not destroy it or let them down with your thoughts at this time. Bring hope to all in love. Amen.

New speaker

Truth must be spoken

Do not display your fears Michael, allow our thoughts to penetrate and be spoken, as they were a while back. Truth will be told and it may be uncomfortable at times to listen to. Others will tell you that this is not of the spiritual nature, but we tell you this, that guidance is needed and it is of a spiritual nature, it is with love, compassion for all.

Sometimes the truth has to be spoken and although things seem hard and the pressures are great, the only way to break through is to speak the truth and not feather it with love, even though love is all-important.

You understand our meaning I’m sure. We will not let you down and even if times become critical, then have hope in your hearts, for at your time of passing there will be such a welcome within the universe that surrounds you, for you are amongst many of the creatures and beings and creations of life, as yet unseen.

God bless and good evening.

30-06-20 Human Rights, Peaceful Action, Crop Circles, Skynet, Equations, Communist States,

Transcript Date: 30th June 2020

Remembering Sacrifice

Tonight is a special occasion when we will celebrate those who sacrifice themselves for the good and love of all. These creatures, these beings still exist to this day and will hear of no argument regarding their sacrifice, for it was given freely with a full heart and love never-ending. And so it is that today there are many who still stand up for the freedom of their heart, mind and soul to allow others to hear their words, so they may assist in their sacrifice however this is taken. (Anniversary of The Battle of Normandy – 30 June 1944)

Peaceful Action Against Inhumanity

It sometimes becomes necessary for disagreements to become arguments for the good of all, although we do not adhere to these things, a voice is needed to be heard and to shout loudly to proclaim things that should be heard throughout your world today. Alas these figures are few and far between and they do not come forward as they used to, for your commitments in the world of living have changed, but there are those with an aspect of love, who would sacrifice their own for a new beginning for your world, you may call them martyrs in the past, but there will be martyrs of the future who will also give themselves to the world of man. Continue reading “30-06-20 Human Rights, Peaceful Action, Crop Circles, Skynet, Equations, Communist States,”

26-04-20 Tree of knowledge, Facets of life, Fragility of life, Political leaders, Religions, Captain Tom, Multinational Companies etc

Transcript Date: 26th April 2020

Various Ways to be of Service

There are many platforms of service within your world, they all speak of spirit and the wise words of the Lord Jesus and God. Many combine these to bring about what you call, ‘religion’, and each has a different understanding, yet basically they are one of the same. There is no segregation from your love of God, for the spirit walks with you all, should you permit it within your lives to guide you with purpose.

Bring us hope this evening Michael, that many will understand the things we speak of, for those who truly understand the things of the negative and the things of the spirit, are few and far between. Your world is changing exponentially at this time, many cannot see an end to these things and cannot bring themselves hope for the future. For how will life be in these times of the living? Continue reading “26-04-20 Tree of knowledge, Facets of life, Fragility of life, Political leaders, Religions, Captain Tom, Multinational Companies etc”

19-04-20 Covid19, NDE, Subliminal Messages, Anger, Coping with Lockdown, Angels of Life, Financial Crash etc

Transcript Date: 19th April 2020

Chores are given to many this evening through their humble practices and work, bringing healing to those who know no better than to question the word of the Lord, our God, for they feel that the spirit is lacking within them, yet it shines like the candle that burns.

Gather round now as we focus upon this evening to bring you tender words of love, asking those around you to step back if they will for a time, as we once more begin the teaching of man.

Coping with anger

It’s been a while since we have spoken to so many, yet so few listen to our words, but you are the exception. You rage at things in the world and how un-progressed they are, yet your world is young and in need of much love. Help us to understand your feelings Michael, so we may assist at this time when so many fear the things of life. Continue reading “19-04-20 Covid19, NDE, Subliminal Messages, Anger, Coping with Lockdown, Angels of Life, Financial Crash etc”

06-04-20 Purpose of this time, Those who shun the light, Journey of truth etc

The transcripts of 2016 are equally valid for today and can be purchased online from Amazon or ordered from Waterstones and other major book retailers:

Testament to a New Dawn – Volume One


Transcript Date 6th April 2020

Tasks of life
Topics are spoken of about times in the past, in the present and those yet to come. Your future is not so bleak as you might think.

Tasks have been given to those who are working unceasingly for the benefit of all at this time. There are many tasks to be performed within the world of life and light.

Yours (Michael) is yet to come and as you pass through the annals of time, you may reflect upon your life that has been one of worship, for he comes with a song for you all. Do not put asunder the words given, as they have much meaning.

A message for those who shun life in the light

We still find that there are those who will not walk with the light and prefer the shadows of the dark rather than draw attention to themselves. This is not a time to be afraid to walk within the light of heaven, neither is this the time to hide in the shadows of the dark, for the darkness will hold you and you will not want to let go. Continue reading “06-04-20 Purpose of this time, Those who shun the light, Journey of truth etc”

26-11-19 Beings Beneath the Oceans, Sea Levels Rise, Visitors to Earth, Current Politics, Light Shines Brighter, etc

Transcript Date: 26th November 2019

Welcome James, good evening.

A warm welcome is given to you this evening from the many upon this side of life, you may see before you the numerous figures of those who have been deemed as passed beyond your world of living. Allow us to connect this evening with the flowers of heaven to give you blessings on your journeys of life.

As we have said so many times before, open your heart and mind to the many possibilities that exist within the realm of life, for the world of spirit blesses you with love and peace, and although at times it seems an unlikely prospect that such beings would come forth to bless us in this world, let it be known that our thoughts and prayers are with you and a welcome awaits each and every one of you, once your time is done. Continue reading “26-11-19 Beings Beneath the Oceans, Sea Levels Rise, Visitors to Earth, Current Politics, Light Shines Brighter, etc”

05-11-19 The Cord that Connects, Arts and Crafts, Teaching our Children, Christmas, Apathy, Personal Messages, etc

Transcript Date: 5th November 2019

Completely misunderstood are we by the world of men. The politics of the world consumes their minds at a rate unfathomable to us, for aren’t men born equal of the Lord, of the spirit from whence they came?

From whence you came …

It is true to say that we are a shadow within your lives and you progress your ways without knowledge of this world from whence you came, yet those who endeavour to look and seek out this truth, this knowledge, will find much happiness within their thoughts as they ease their burdens, knowing that a time will come when they will rest easy, with the light and love of spirit. Continue reading “05-11-19 The Cord that Connects, Arts and Crafts, Teaching our Children, Christmas, Apathy, Personal Messages, etc”

06-10-19 Wisdom of the cavemen, Energy, Cloning, Hidden Science, Illumination to come etc

Transcript Date: 6th October 2019

Nourish yourselves with love, wisdom and knowledge

Trumpets blow, the battle cry sounds as the warring nations of your earth trigger an almighty blow to those of the dark. Negative thoughts and personalities have come to rule the countries of your world and their love is lacking, just as the fields that are extinguished by lack of nourishment.

Bring your thoughts together this evening and allow our thoughts to meld as we transform your lives in thoughts of prayer, this in turn will nourish your minds and the harvest will be great, for the wheat that grows will be filled to the maximum with knowledge of love without war or hate, but with wisdom and knowledge issued by the universe of love. Continue reading “06-10-19 Wisdom of the cavemen, Energy, Cloning, Hidden Science, Illumination to come etc”

17-09-19 Healing, The Environment, Reincarnation, Nuclear Testing etc

Transcript Date: 17th September 2019

Tumbled down. Tumbling down that warren of love, for love is everlasting within the universe of light.

Your kingdom has many issues and problems that will outlive you, outlast you, and for millennia the fears of many have been received.

Blessings of light. Continue reading “17-09-19 Healing, The Environment, Reincarnation, Nuclear Testing etc”