05-07-16 Parkinson’s Disease, Ancient Remedies etc


Welcome James.

A massive outcry is to be expected before the coming of the Lord, let he who denounces Him understand that they will attract those of the negative acts on the net, creating a situation upon which there is no return for the black (negative) hearts are many within this world. Continue in your work bringing the light into the life of those who would hear your words and remark on their content, for it is healthy to have an opinion and to exercise your minds right to question those things of the Earth and that which lies beyond.

Our purpose is to bring forth the words to the many of your world in the hope that they will succumb to the light before their time is done. You have the knowledge to bring about change in this world, your masters will recognise the adverts of inspiration that you bring forth into the world, from the world of light. Continue reading “05-07-16 Parkinson’s Disease, Ancient Remedies etc”