21-05-23 Message of love and hope, Communication, Resilience of children, Troops gather

Transcript Date: 21st May 2023

Messages of Love and Hope

Be calm, be still, and allow your focus to centre upon your heart. Be at peace at this time, in the knowledge that all is well, and that all things of life will be shown to all in a time to come, where peace will reign supreme and love will embrace you with a warmth that you have never experienced before.

Be blessed this evening, for we are here to bring you hope and to bring love to your heart, to share with all those who would listen and acknowledge our presence within their lives.

Once more the time has come to bring messages of love and hope to all those who have experienced loss, and who suffer at the hands of others in this world of yours.

Coping with the arduous journey of life

These journeys are never easy, and they must be travelled with hope in your heart, strength, and forgiveness of others, should they trespass upon you. Do not bring harsh words to those who you may disagree with, for this only brings a negative response. Be courteous, and give hope to others who have none at this time.

Tonight, we speak of many things, of how to overcome the arduous journey that you have undertaken within this life; your bodies of flesh are of this physical world, but your heart and soul are that of spirit and the great beyond, to which all must travel in a time to come.

It is by no means an easy thing to accept that life can be painful in many ways, not just of the physical, but of the emotions that are brought through the loss of a loved one, a loved pet, or perhaps a friend. But never worry about these things, for although they bring great concern, you must understand that you are forever entwined with the love that you have shared. This love is a bond that cannot be broken, and although life changes, you must move on with courage in your heart, that love that you have experienced will always be there and play a part within your lives.

Resilience of children

Spectacles of life are great, we see many things, men of courage, women of courage, and we see the resilience of your children of the world. Their minds are open to all aspects of life, whether it is of the physical, or of the spiritual, for their minds have not been corrupted by the things of the human race. We always hope that they stay in this innocence, yet, the strength and power of temptation is great upon your world and many fall foul of the things of your life.

And the children, and those you call the ‘teenagers’, feel oppressed by the pressures of life that are put upon them, sometimes by you as a parent, encouraging them to be the best they can, or perhaps by the authorities that rule your life within those buildings of teaching, and of your government.

But we say this, allow your children to grow naturally without these pressures, for these pressures are sometimes not theirs to bear, they are not theirs to suffer with. But still these things of life continue on, particularly in your part of the world and the system that you live within.

There are children of the world who live free and are not burdened by these pressures that you may put upon them, and their hearts are happy, despite the hardship that they may live under. They know true happiness.

And there are those children of the world who are forced into bondage, either by marriage, or by those who would enslave them, to fight for them at such a tender age, and for what? For what gain is there in fighting and using your children who are your future to carry out your needless persecution of others? Huh, we see this constantly, and we are appalled by these things, and no nation upon your earth is free from these burdens of life; no one man can say that he does not worry or have concerns for his family and the pressures that life brings.

The women of the world

The women of your world carry a great burden, no matter which country they live in, and they carry the burden of responsibility to their families, to their men, to their loved ones. And the burden of childbirth is great for the women of your world, for they suffer greatly with these pains of birth and how many men or males of your species understand the things that they suffer and go through?

Their strength is great and is not recognised by many states of your world, they are regarded as ‘non-existent’ or just ‘unfeeling’, and the men who run those regimes persecute them for no other reason than ‘they can’, for they consider them to be of the ‘weaker sex’, and yet, their strength is superior to any man of your world.

Equality and sharing

But, all of you are equal in your life, all of you carry a burden of progression and it is up to you to lighten the load with your love and warmth towards each other. If you cannot carry this burden, then you must seek help for there is much help within the world of spirit, ask and you shall be given, not of riches or reward, but of strength of heart and the courage to continue forward upon your passage of life. Never fear those around you who would bring you strife, for their time will come and their burden will be upon themselves, as much as they are on you.

Share all things of life, carry and share your burdens equally to lighten the load, and do not be afraid to speak to others of your burdens and your worries and concerns, because to talk, is to share, and this in turn will lighten the load of these burdens.

Burdens of life

Tonight, we speak of burdens and the load that many carry throughout their lives. And this load is a monstrous, heavy burden to carry, and yet, at the time of your passing, when your body releases your soul, all these things of life, all these burdens, worries and concerns will be released, as if they never were, and you will experience a peace so profound, that you would wonder why you had never experienced these things before.

You will be surrounded by love, and the explanation of your life will be given fully and you will understand why you carried these burdens and experienced the pain that you did. And as you reside in spirit so you will become one with everything, nothing will be hidden from you, all knowledge will be gained, as you will not have your human mind to block the passage of these things.

Never fear, for your lives are carried forward in a way that many do not understand, and we would speak to those who suffer heartache at this time, and our empathy reaches out to them, and we would say to them, release your fear, listen as you sit quietly with your thoughts, for there will be many signs given for you to respond to, and understand that you are never truly separated by what you call ‘death’.

Tonight, we have spoken of the burdens of life and of the love that is never separated, and the strength that you carry within you. Bring focus upon your lives and help each other through the daily routines. Good evening.

New speaker

Communication with passed loved ones

Messages are carried forward, and there are many who wish to speak to those of their loved ones, but it doesn’t take a medium for you to connect. It is the stillness of the human mind that will allow the words to flow and the feeling of love to embrace you. Many neglect the signs given, many do not recognise that although they may sense and feel many things, that these things are of spirit, and of communication. Communication does not just come through the words, as this man speaks, it also comes through the communication of the soul, and of the heart. Your mind is like a transmitter and your thoughts are carried upon the waves created in the myriad of patterns available to spirit.

You are never disconnected from those you feel you have lost, for you are all of one spirit, you are all connected in the many ways that cannot be explained, but only felt. Truth will be told of these many things of life, many experience and undertake a purpose of connection, whilst others may reflect upon them and disregard the abilities that you all possess.

Communication during sleep

When you sleep your human mind is at rest, and those of your loved ones may enter in what you may call ‘a dream’, and you will recall many things of your lives, and when you wake, should you remember this dream, you will also feel and remember that you were in a state of spirit, your body and the burdens of your life were not there, and only the truth was given.

Some dreams are reflected within the burdens of your life, whilst others are of pure communication. It is in this state, when you feel no body, no worries whilst you are asleep, it is in this state that you will exist once more and your soul and your character will continue on, but free from the burdens of life and the ties that bring you down. For in spirit, you are free to exercise your love; to communicate with others of your past life and of the life to come. You share many things, not just of life, but of the spiritual being that you are.

Communication and Connection

Connection and communication are vital in your everyday lives, and it is equally vital to connect and communicate with the one you call God, and those you call spirit, and of course with those of your loved ones who have gone beyond and now see the purpose of their lives.

It is hard to imagine, or even consider that there was purpose in their passing, there was purpose in your life continuing when theirs are apparently ‘ceased’. But there is purpose in all things, and you shared this purpose before your life, and you will share once more after your lives are terminated.

Fearful words for some, for life hold’s many aspects of pleasure and joy for them, but at some point, this life must be given up once more.

The young who pass and ‘invisible friends’

Many will think of the children, the babies, the young ones, and those who seem to be so full of life that they were suddenly cut short by their passing. And as hard as it is for you to accept, there was purpose in all these things, and their passing brought them healing and joy, and now they watch over you.

All aspects of life have purpose, and there is a great need in your world for a deeper understanding of all these things of spirit.

You regard them as ‘unimportant’ as your busy lives keep you occupied and your physical mind creates a block and our thoughts cannot penetrate, for your concerns are great. But, for those who sit in the quiet and let their human minds rest, for these, there will be enlightenment, and this is available to all of you, not just to those special ones you call ‘mediums’, but to each and every one of you.

Have you ever considered a child who would go to her parents and speak of things that you cannot see, a special friend, or they may recall a past life? You disregard them out of hand, not understanding what they are talking about). There are those who understand and will accept, but for the most part, they are called ‘invisible friends’ and it is a childhood phenomenon, and yet it is real. They speak of their experience, they speak of what they see for their everyday life is not encumbered by the problems and worries of your world.
Through meditation you too can free your mind and allow in those thoughts that are not yours, be accepting of these thoughts, and as abstract as they may seem, they are thoughts given to you from the world of spirit.

Never shy away, or fear, for what is there to fear? In truth, if you have courage in your heart, and a deep connection of faith, and a deep connection with spirit, then there is nothing in this physical world that can harm you. Truly you will feel pain and suffering will be great at times, yet peace will still come, and the experiences of all these traumas that you may go through, of illness; of accidents; of war; of discrimination, they will all be washed away with the healing hands of love.

Healing Hands

Seek out those of healing hands, those healers, for they have a special gift to enhance your lives with love, and their relaxing, tender words and the warmth that they radiate, will calm your soul and your body, and your vibrations will become still and organised once more.

Some would say that they don’t believe in these things, but how can you say that you don’t believe if you have not given it a chance, or experienced these things? Never think that you are supreme, or that the human race is all there is and there is nothing else. Because we aim to educate you over the next few years in extreme ways to allow you to see that others of other dimensions really exist.

Connecting to natural abilities

There are many in life who regard them as alien to your world, and yet, you yourself are alien to your world! Your bodies are of the physical world and you are a creation of the animal kingdom, as much as the cat or dog, or wild animal that you may see. But your soul and your being is not of your world, it is of the universal light that exists all around you, which carries a vast knowledge of all things of life, no matter what solar system it may exist within.

Many expand their minds with knowledge of your worldly books, and yet there is so much more that can be learnt from a knowledge of the universe which you can tap into through focus, through belief and trust. There are many in your world such as Einstein, who brought forward formulas of many things to assist your world, but he too would sit and focus, and that is how the information flowed. He had a special ability, unique to him, and each of you have a special ability unique to you.

The artist who sits, paints and draws; the artist who writes songs with soothing words and comforting thoughts, they are also in focus. You ask any of these artists and writers how they write and how they paint their pictures, and they will tell you, that it flows through them and inspiration is given. Not all have these abilities, each of you have a talent that can be tapped into and used to better the world in which you live.

Reaching those who shut out the light

It is only those who shut out the light and embrace the dark that cause worry, strife, murder, mayhem, it is only these dark minds who cannot see a better way, and yet, they need to be enlightened.

A task indeed to do this, for their greed and their avarice, their need for possession is great and it overwhelms their mind, blocking out that of spirit, blocking out that of love and consideration for all forms of life upon your world, including the planet itself. Somehow, these souls must be reached and they must understand that they have a responsibility to your world of life, they were given that responsibility and they must exercise these things of love and consideration, not for themselves, but for the good of all. For who else, but the leaders of the world can change your world.

Those of the light can influence through the words written and given, and the love of your world combined can also influence their path and their decision-making, they cannot exist without you.

Have hope in the life to come, and do not feel the need to burden others.

Do not pressurise those of you young, allow them to grow with love in their hearts, amen.

New speaker

Love and togetherness or possessions and fear

The need of many is great at this time, and they curse their lives for being saturated by misery, stress and mayhem, yet they themselves are in control of these things, if they could only but open their eyes, their hearts and minds and release these worries and concerns, for in truth, they are just trifles. It may seem like a tremendous task at hand, and it takes just a little faith and trust.

What is it you want most out of life? Is it possession, money? Is it the love of others and have a life without burden, a playground to enjoy what some would say is their only life? This is not so, for life brings joy in many other aspects, other than that of your world and the trinkets that you hold dear.

Communicate with others, share your love. There are many that do this through their organisations and the groups that they form. Togetherness brings strength and hope, segregation brings fear. Which would you rather have, we wonder?

It is your choice to make, be strong and do not fear that because you have nothing, then your life will be of nothing. There is much more to life than the possessions and the wealth that you hold of the physical. There is more to life than regarding the Earth as a playground, because you believe that you only have this one existence. You are so wrong to believe these things, for there is much more beyond your life at this time.

Be the driver of your life, do not be driven by corruption and greed, open your heart to others and see the beauty of the world that surrounds you and how at this time, destruction is bringing it to an end. For the many species of the world, doom is written upon their brows by the actions of the men of greed, power, and irresponsibility.

Ask them to look at the natural world, not with the eyes of financial gain, but with the eyes of love; with the eyes of the artist who sees the beauty of everything in creation. Ask them to consider which they hold most dear, their temporary lives of wealth and gain compared with everlasting life of love, peace and harmony.

I think we know which most of you will choose? But there are those who do not believe in these things and so they pick those earthly burdens. And to have wealth, power and money is a burden, a huge burden to carry, because when you have these things, you cannot bear the thought to lose them, but those who have none of these things and live life seeing the beauty of the world, they are the ones who do not feel this loss that the wealthy may feel, for they have gained much within their lives that they may carry forward beyond this present existence.

Troops gather

Troopers gather, and the hordes run riot over those citizens in that country of Europe.

There is much pollution, much grief, much fear brought by their actions and they do not care for the emotions of the human that suffers, or the creatures of that country. Their eyes are fixed by one man in his need for greatness, power and glory.

There have been many of his kind that have existed, Napoleon, Hitler, Nero, and what did it gain them in the end? All their wealth and power and their destruction of other countries and the torture they brought to the inhabitants of those countries, what gain did it bring them?

Because at the end of the day, their lives had to end and they took nothing with them into the next life, other than the pain that they brought upon others. Their wealth and possession had no meaning and did not give them a special place within spirit. Instead, they had to learn the harsh lesson, they did not understand that it was love and compassion that you carry forward with you and not possession and monetary gain; they do not understand as they are blinded by the glories of life and what they perceived to be ‘wealth’.

True wealth

The true wealth lies in the heart and the love that you share with your loved ones and share with your neighbours and the world. Creatures and those of other worlds who are around you constantly. That is the true wealth, that love, that compassion, and it will not bring you the same or anything above anyone else in the world of spirit, it just simply means that you will share an existence of love and peace, cosseted by the world of spirit and that of God, or whom you perceived to be God.

God is real, never think that he is a figment of the imagination, you have many names for him or her, or the spirit that God is.

God is love, and you possess this love within you. Whilst most share this love and accept this love, others of those negative beings will shut it out as they are focused upon the wealth of life.

It is a hard thing to break open these dark doors that they live behind, and yet at some point in their lives they will recognise love, the love of their families, and they should reflect upon this love and share it with others instead of being focused upon their own delusional ways. It is no delusion or illusion to believe in that of God and spirit, for it is not fleeting as the possessions of life, it is there for all-time, in the universe around you and within your hearts, you know this to be true.

Come with us now and join us within your living years and know that we will be there to bring you hope and security when your earthly bodies are no more.

Complete your missions in life as best you see them, and the many missions are obvious to some. To those who help those who grieve, to those who bring the word of spirit to the world, to those who heal those through their belief and love.

Many forms exist that will bring goodness and healing to your world.

Please remember not to burden your young with your dreams and aspirations that you could not fill, it is not their burden to live your life or achieve academic status, allow them to live and to be free and their abilities will shine without the help of pressure from their parents or from life.

Good evening.

New speaker

Message from Jimmy who recently passed

Jimmy asks to be remembered, his kindness was extraordinary and his heart was big for all those around him to whom he brought joy within his family. James was his name, and yet his preference was for Jimmy. He passed recently to this world of spirit and life for evermore. He lives in spirit with eternal life continuing to watch over his family and his four-legged friends, whom he loved so much.

Tell her this, the heart that she possesses filled with his remains is of the physical, for his love will be with her always until they once more share their love in spirit.

Good evening.


07-02-18 Crystal Healing, Motor Racing and Speed, Visitation, The Serpent, etc etc

Transcript 7th February 2018

Welcome James.

Masters are with you. Blessings friend, welcome this evening, to an evening of trance and meditation, of thoughtfulness and all those loving things that deem the world of spirit as beautiful. Bring forth your love allow not harm to come to those who you may meet upon your journeys, linking those of your friends who are blessed in the knowledge that all is well in that world of light.

We come this evening as a friend and as a guest at your behest, as you are joined in company by those others of your world who sit so still in peace and harmony, bringing blessings to others, a love that may be shared within the world of light and of earth. Continue reading “07-02-18 Crystal Healing, Motor Racing and Speed, Visitation, The Serpent, etc etc”