Welcome to Messages for Mankind

This site has been created by three friends, a husband and wife team and their friend, an unassuming trance medium. We seek no recognition or reward therefore at this time we choose to remain nameless.

This site carries messages which have been channelled through our friend by beings of the light, in particular those that we believe to be of Arcturian Origin. We recognise that these sometimes powerful messages are meant to be available for all who wish to read them.

Sadly humanity is facing turbulent times and sometimes the messages may seem very harsh, however we appreciate that just as a loving parent may speak harsh words to an unruly teenager, our friends of the light speak harsh words to us, in an attempt to prevent humanity from heading towards further problems. Unfortunately in many cases the damage we have already done to the planet has gone too far for human repair. Therefore we are warned of potential earth cleansing events.

We suggest that if anyone is of a sensitive or nervous disposition they may not wish to read the messages.

To balance the harshness, words of wisdom and philosophy are also given to uplift us.

We make no claims about the predictions given to us. We only promise that the words spoken are genuine. They may sometimes be difficult to read or understand. Other than adding notes regarding what we think may be the potential meaning to a word or phrase, they are all exactly as channelled, recorded and subsequently typed out by our medium friend.

We are able to verify that the content of the channelled information has never been researched, heard of, or understood. prior to any of these messages being transcribed.

The biblical way in which the words are spoken may be off putting for some and we appreciate that the concept of God being mentioned is also difficult for many people. Again we reiterate the words are not ours or our friends.

If you have an aversion to the word God or Lord, please try thinking of it like this: God is a man made word and there is no absolute correct translation or meaning of this word from original texts. For instance, the Quakers will refer to God as ‘The Light’. in other biblical texts God is referred to as The Elohim, ‘the creators’ and the leader of the Elohim was known as Yahweh, the word Yahweh is translated from YHWH and means “I am who I am”. The word Elohim means “Those who come from the sky”.

Our personal view is that there is one ‘God’ or Force/Conciousness/Source whatever you like to call it, and we are all part of it.

We welcome constructive comments from readers. It is possible that we may have misinterpreted some of the content ourselves, in which case are open to correction, or you may have something relevant to add.


17-09-17 Meaning of Life, Dimensions and Layers, Media, Oil Drilling and Quakes, Drug Dealers, etc

Transcript 17th September 2017

Chariots of love will march across your skies bringing the light and love to the peoples of your nations. Have no fear my child as we blend with your mind and body to bring you focus upon those many things of life that should be learnt by the many. Give us hope that one day, you might see that light and bring focus once more to that of the Lord, the Lord of mercies.

We pray that your men of science, bespoke in their ways, also have a will to bring peace through their methodology. We help them in ways unseen to them, in their thoughts, in their patterns and structures of their minds. They deny the possibility that life exists and coexists beyond that of the physical. But what of life? Is it tangible that you may touch the very soul and the heart of a person, is it possible that you may feel or sense those in need, or those who need persuasion in their actions upon your planet Earth? Continue reading “17-09-17 Meaning of Life, Dimensions and Layers, Media, Oil Drilling and Quakes, Drug Dealers, etc”

11-09-17 Passage of Time and Portals, Why the Suffering? Personal Messages etc

11th September 2017


As you grow old your bodies seem to …. to be less active and vigorous.

Happily we can tell you, that although these things are the trials and tribulations of your life, the mind is constantly aware, and your being exercises in a way not quite understood by the many of your world.

Happiness is given to those who assemble this evening to give thanks for there being. Pleasantries are exchanged amongst your men of life as they encounter the beings of light within their realm, within their world.

Many nocturnal activities will begin shortly, we have a prayer for all who have suffered loss at this time, we acknowledge many who pray and ask that their loved ones are taken into care, endear, a place of sanctuary. Forgiveness is not needed, for there is no sin that cannot be forgiven. Your lives are splendid in many, and your actions determine your will to create a new path that will extend far beyond your years on earth. Continue reading “11-09-17 Passage of Time and Portals, Why the Suffering? Personal Messages etc”



In the second paragraph of the message exert, trigonometry is mentioned and co-ordinates are given.  After looking at this message again and relating to the last part of the message regarding the pyramids and E.T.’s  involvement in their construction, an idea sprang to mind that in the trigonometry they speak about the formulation of a triangle which we believe, in this case, could possibly be an equilateral triangle, which, if using the co-ordinates given and taken from the equator, we create a line from 10 degrees West to 38 degrees East and from this line take it Northwards to create an equilateral triangle from these two points, if each side is the same length the apex points to Rome.

Rome, being home to the Vatican, which in one of the latest messages, the Pope is mentioned by our E.T. friends as being a peacemaker for them. These co-ordinates make sense as being “A place of peace.” As spoken of in this message of 7th June 2016.



“We have never been so far from the thoughts of man as we are today, our need is strong for what you call the light, for their alliance will all be yours to calm mans emotions of our arrival in the Fall. (NOTE: We could be wrong, but we believe fall may not mean autumn, it could also mean fall, as in the fall of a civilisation.)

Collectively we bring about a peace for the love of your world. Trigonometry was a measure given so the means and purpose for your minds of will to seek out a place of significance, a formula is that of the triangle 10 degrees west, north by north 38 east, west by south (it was also repeated as south by west)
(NOTE: We will come back to this one unless anyone else wants to work it out for us, we are not sure if it relates to the following paragraph or not!)

An eastern province of East Asia is a recommended place for our will to announce our being. You’ll hear of this through your news broadcasts, they will cast doubt upon those that have seen with a measure of scorn as if to say “You are nothing” their witness will shine out like a beacon to those who have a will to listen, a mind to see, we are the Arcturians, the ones who once ruled your planet with a measure of love. (NOTE: Korea sprung to mind, but we have not worked out if it is related to the formula above, in which case we wait to work it out or be corrected.)

Your tombs of stone were a mark of our respect and Many Moons was a name, she came before us in a tidal wave of love, her race of beings were that of a continent for years upon your Earth as you’ll glorify greetings upon the Earth, to be a sanctuary for those of peace. Rejoice in her name as she brings a tidal wave of love to your nations of plenty, combat your fears my son for we are of the light.

Negotiate your minds will to a purpose of meaningful existence as you requested. (AUTHORS NOTE: It is true that I have asked for this) The work will be long and hard, the rewards great as you muster your people in the circles of light to hear the words from beyond. Your energies will grow as your need is great, focus upon the stone that ties and binds your hearts. We are the masters of time, we are of bygone days, structures of which exist upon your Earth, quantains. (NOTE: Four sided structures) They were buildings of light and they transmitted our energy and focus with a measure of peace, they could be seen for miles, call out to the people. (NOTE: Pyramids?) The magnificence of the light and the creatures that roamed upon the Earth, we are of the Snakes, we mean no harm, just a purpose to bring life to reconciliation. Combat your fears for we are of peace, one nation of plenty with need of assistance to revive your purpose. “

06-09-17 Princess Diana, Kim Jong Un, Denounce the Negative, Life of Learning, Military Hide Facts etc

Transcript 6th September

Good evening, welcome this evening to many who will join us, as you sit in this place with a focus and need of love.

Be prepared for the many things that will come to you all in the near future, never be afraid, for as each man falls, so he is caught by the net of light.

Hope springs eternal that peace may come once more to your world, but as revolution rises in the east, it becomes necessary to bring focus and attention upon those who have a will to desert the peace and love so tenderly given by the Lord Jesus and God our father. Continue reading “06-09-17 Princess Diana, Kim Jong Un, Denounce the Negative, Life of Learning, Military Hide Facts etc”

31-08-17 – “Beings of the UFO”, Maths, Weather Systems, The Media etc

Transcript 31st August 2017

Great chain of life has been broken by the whip hand of the men who control your lives. They fear not your backlash, for they are men of power and strength who will overwhelm you as your desires for freedom become acknowledged within the light.

Help us to understand the purpose of men as you strive to seek power and dominate others in your seat. Come now, be not ashamed of who you are, that you are a being of mankind, for lessons have to be learned. As the wise man once said – That those who stand in the corner, ears closed, eyes and mouth shut, he shall be ignorant of the ways of men, hmm hmm, and the one who stands and shouts in a forthright manner and begs forgiveness of our father, he is the one who would go before them and stand and say, ‘I am a man, I am here as a being of God and I ask you to represent your fellow beings in a manner bestowed by the Almighty.” Continue reading “31-08-17 – “Beings of the UFO”, Maths, Weather Systems, The Media etc”

25-08-17 Guardians of the Galaxy, The Vatican, Abraham, Those of the Blue etc

Transcript 25th August 2017

Compare us not to the treasures of your world. A wealth of love, exists within your hearts.

Tremendous amounts of pressures have been felt today in your world of life, as those who govern your states bring anxiety upon its people.

Tremendous amounts of fear are felt as the apparitions of life go before them. They fear their sanity and their own free will, for it is subject to the will of those who communicate behind the dark lines that exist within the universe.

Explore your thoughts this evening without fear and reason, that if love is the universal energy, that it will shine bright and dispel the darkness within that brings the fear and betrays hope. Continue reading “25-08-17 Guardians of the Galaxy, The Vatican, Abraham, Those of the Blue etc”

21-08-17 New Dawn, Life and Death, Loneliness, Co-Existence, Nature for Healing etc

Transcript 21st August 2017

Animosity strikes fear in many this evening, as they reach out to the unknown, not knowing what is to come in the future of their lives, their families, and the place in which they sit.

Bring peace to your hearts this evening my children and allow your thoughts a little time to refrain from the worries of the day, from your troubles that you carry as burdens through your lives, bring peace to yourselves and allow yourself the time to have a thought for others and spare them a piece of your love, that you as brothers and sisters may join together to enable a better future for all.

Peace will come once more to your planet, as your lives traverse the many things of your days. Your purposes grow in a way, retrospectively unbeknown to you. Allow your values not to fall to the lower depths, but keep them high and noble in your mind, for you are the peoples of the world, whom life has been given, with the treasures of love and light. Continue reading “21-08-17 New Dawn, Life and Death, Loneliness, Co-Existence, Nature for Healing etc”