Welcome to Messages for Mankind

This site has been created by three friends, a husband and wife team and their friend, an unassuming trance medium. We seek no recognition or reward therefore at this time we choose to remain nameless.

This site carries messages which have been channelled through our friend by beings of the light, in particular those that we believe to be of Arcturian Origin. We recognise that these sometimes powerful messages are meant to be available for all who wish to read them.

Sadly humanity is facing turbulent times and sometimes the messages may seem very harsh, however we appreciate that just as a loving parent may speak harsh words to an unruly teenager, our friends of the light speak harsh words to us, in an attempt to prevent humanity from heading towards further problems. Unfortunately in many cases the damage we have already done to the planet has gone too far for human repair. Therefore we are warned of potential earth cleansing events.

We suggest that if anyone is of a sensitive or nervous disposition they may not wish to read the messages.

To balance the harshness, words of wisdom and philosophy are also given to uplift us.

We make no claims about the predictions given to us. We only promise that the words spoken are genuine. They may sometimes be difficult to read or understand. Other than adding notes regarding what we think may be the potential meaning to a word or phrase, they are all exactly as channelled, recorded and subsequently typed out by our medium friend.

We are able to verify that the content of the channelled information has never been researched, heard of, or understood. prior to any of these messages being transcribed.

The biblical way in which the words are spoken may be off putting for some and we appreciate that the concept of God being mentioned is also difficult for many people. Again we reiterate the words are not ours or our friends.

If you have an aversion to the word God or Lord, please try thinking of it like this: God is a man made word and there is no absolute correct translation or meaning of this word from original texts. For instance, the Quakers will refer to God as ‘The Light’. in other biblical texts God is referred to as The Elohim, ‘the creators’ and the leader of the Elohim was known as Yahweh, the word Yahweh is translated from YHWH and means “I am who I am”. The word Elohim means “Those who come from the sky”.

Our personal view is that there is one ‘God’ or Force/Conciousness/Source whatever you like to call it, and we are all part of it.

We welcome constructive comments from readers. It is possible that we may have misinterpreted some of the content ourselves, in which case are open to correction, or you may have something relevant to add.


Observations about Cancer Research and Message from August 2017


Yesterday (19th January 2018) BBC Headline News told of a possible huge breakthrough in developing a universal blood test for finding cancer in its early stages.

“Scientists have taken a step towards one of the biggest goals in medicine – a universal blood test for cancer. A team at Johns Hopkins University has trialled a method that detects eight common forms of the disease. Their vision is an annual test designed to catch cancer early and save lives. UK experts said it was “enormously exciting”.
However, one said more work was needed to assess the test’s effectiveness at detecting early-stage cancers. Tumours release tiny traces of their mutated DNA and proteins they make into the bloodstream.

The CancerSEEK test looks for mutations in 16 genes that regularly arise in cancer and eight proteins that are often released. It was trialled on 1,005 patients with cancers in the ovary, liver, stomach, pancreas, oesophagus, colon, lung or breast that had not yet spread to other tissues. Overall, the test found 70% of the cancers.” (Click here for full BBC article

While this is excellent news, we bear in mind that it has presumably been a well funded project by pharmaceutical companies.


Can we draw your attention to less well known breakthrough in the possible curing of many types of cancer which you probably have not heard about. Because it is not ‘mainstream’ and the research has nothing to do with the development of costly drugs, subsequently it is not well funded by any large company.

Anthony Holland, a musician and scientist realised sound frequency has the potential to kill cancer.

Holland has done research in matching particular resonant frequencies of living cancer cells and by increasing the intensity of that frequency, in essence should shatter those cells. Holland and his colleagues used a device created by New Mexico physician Dr. James Bare which uses a “plasma antenna that pulses on and off” to provide a rhythmic stream of electric signals.
After over a year of searching, Holland found the exact frequency that would shatter the cancer cells. Interestingly, two frequencies, one high and one low but both in “harmonic resonance” with each other, seemed to do the trick.
Holland and his team tested the procedure called Oscillating Pulsed Electric Field (OPEF) on pancreatic cancer cells and then later with leukemia cells. The results were amazing. Pancreatic cancer cells were destroyed at between 100,000 and 300,000 Hz. The results for the leukemia cells were even more impressive.
Cancer experts have said: “If this had been a multi million dollar drug developed by ‘Big Pharma’, this would have been considered a ‘home run’!”

See this compelling short film TEDx Talk Shattering Cancer with Resonant Frequencies 

Returning to the themes of some of Michaels messages, our ‘off world’ friends speak frequently about all things being made of energy/frequency/sound/light. In particular the following message, it speaks of all life being of frequency. This sentence in the message is also worthy of note, it may not be specifically about cancer research but the intent is the same with all world progress:

‘ Your scientists believe this is not the way forward. Your money-makers of the world cannot allow such instruments to overwhelm their power and strength’

There is more in depth information about frequency in this message: Message of 13th August 2017

16-01-18 A Goblet in the Nile, a mystery artist, the scriptures and who is H.C.?

Transcript 16th January 2018

Be brave, for the day of coming is nigh and judgement will be set upon the world of man. As you sit this evening, we will bring feathers of love and joy to those who would wish our countenance upon them.

Sadness and joy are a combination of emotions, brought to man through love, as there is caring of one another. Compassion is given to those who have a heart to speak on behalf of those beings unable to express their full concerns for their situations. Continue reading “16-01-18 A Goblet in the Nile, a mystery artist, the scriptures and who is H.C.?”

09-01-18 A Message of the North American Indians, Political Events and E.T. etc

Transcript 9th January 2018

It was long ago when we sang the songs of love and our thoughts and prayers went out to the universe in the hope of resurrection.

They came with their guns, not seeing us as a people, not seeing us as human beings, but as those savages of the plains. They spoke their words with forked tongues, not allowing us our divine right to roam free upon the planes of Arizona, or in the planes of Mexico.

They came in their multitudes, in thousands, to deny us our right to live as mother Earth intended and the great spirit granted. Continue reading “09-01-18 A Message of the North American Indians, Political Events and E.T. etc”

01-01-2018 Political Events, Binary Codes, Formations of Ships, Walking the Path of Light etc

Transcript 1st January 2018

Travellers, steamers, walkers of the night.

You were once a boy who asked nothing of this world other than respect than respite from my weary, weary years of trials and tribulations.

I have travelled many roads and seen many things of fortune and misfortune. The gravity of the path I walked was one so steep it could barely be climbed by a man such as myself. However that road became much lighter, as I walked in the path of light, followed the words of spirit and those that have gone before me. Continue reading “01-01-2018 Political Events, Binary Codes, Formations of Ships, Walking the Path of Light etc”

16-12-17 Seasonal Message of Love and Peace, Arcturians, Jesus, Pagan Celebrations, Religious and Cultural Celebrations etc

Transcript 16th December 2017

Keys, a way of locking in or locking out memories of the past. You change within many forms of past lives and loves. Your beliefs are shaken at times, but bring them to focus, for there is one of Lord in the heaven’s who watches over all. Your path’s and destinies are set before you, they may bring you peace and they may bring destruction and terror. For the most part, it is your choice upon which path you may tread through your lives, bring focus upon yourselves, allow not the words of wisdom to be neglected, as so often they are. Continue reading “16-12-17 Seasonal Message of Love and Peace, Arcturians, Jesus, Pagan Celebrations, Religious and Cultural Celebrations etc”

12-12-17 Display of lights, Vatican Secrets, Base close to moon, etc plus messages

Transcript 12th December 2017

Constantly we are asked many things of loved ones. Are they at peace? Do they sit with us? Am I a responsible person to believe in such things? You have to ask yourself this question, for it is a matter of faith and your own interpretation of life as you see it. Don’t be afraid to ask the questions of the father, for answers will be given to all, if they are asked with a little love. Continue reading “12-12-17 Display of lights, Vatican Secrets, Base close to moon, etc plus messages”

11-12-17 We approach, Israel, The Starman (Jesus)

Transcript 11th December 2017

Triumphant we are as we approach your world, no guns blazing, no weapons of war, just thoughts of peace and tranquillity. Encourage the beings of your world to bring peace to one another. As we approach we hear the thoughts of the men of war, who anger us with their messages of war, but we are beings of peace and will not respond to their tentative measures to provoke a situation unbearable to think about.

In the past we have come before, to give knowledge from other worlds that exist beyond your earth.

The Hebrews, they were a race of sympathetic beings who worshiped the Lord and brought his name to justice. But alas, they too have become soured in the passage of time, for they now fight for the right to belong to place not given to them, they have become the aggressor’s. That Land that Jesus once roamed, is now torn with war, anger and strife. They walk in their bare feet to find a new home, a new purpose within their land. We knew them as the Israelites, the Canin’s, the Hittites, in their tribes of being, we were there as watchers, we saw the men of torture who raped and pillaged, and brought despair to so many of that time.

We neglected to surrender our thoughts to those men of war, and we watched in anguish as the many suffered, called slaves. His being was sent as an envoy of the one of spirit. He cast a glimmer of hope as his being might bring a purpose to living once more to those men of that time. They betrayed him and his thoughts, as they became aware of the sanctions against them. They neglected to reach out to him in his hour of need, but he gave them blessings and thanked them for their courage that they might continue to bring peace to the world through the scriptures and scrolls not yet found in the Far East. They were written with the pen of love, within the fountain of knowledge that he possessed. He is the gateway, a doorway to love and hope for retribution for men of earth, and was the star man of that time, he is now recognised as a mere mortal, and not that of a being of spirit.

Hmmm, you neglect the many things of life that are sent to you and are spoken in good faith, your choice has become matter of concern, for you do not hear us in your thoughts. You cannot understand why men of the media…… (here it ends as Oscar, the dog disturbs me wanting to get down.)