04-12-2019 – Christmas Message, Triangles, Christ the Starman, Universal Knowledge, Tomb Raiders etc

Transcript Date: 4th December 2019

A Christmas Message from the Beings of Light

Togetherness and prosperity for all is the seasons wish for one another as you celebrate the coming festival of His birth.

We bring you purpose this evening in the knowledge that many who once existed and exist still, (also) celebrate this time along with you. Their hearts are warm with memories of long ago, of family, companionship and fellowship of human kind. Although the darker times have now come, they will surely pass to bring and herald the light once more to the world men.

Tonight we wish to pass on messages of love, to bring peace in those troubled times within many situations of your world. For we are here to bless you with His love, to bring you a promise of peace and love once more within humanity in the world of men. Hold your hands together this evening and bring hope to one another that unity will come to pass, for it is hard won and hard to come by unless the mind is willing to sacrifice the things of life and revert to the simple ways of so long ago.

‘Sophistication’ has become popular with your men, to be above all superstition and knowledge of the wise ones who are now to be thought of as ‘obsolete’ within your world, yet they are so wrong, for peace can only be brought through prosperity and wealth of love in these hard times (that are) faced by you.

But you will all ascend in due course, you will become one with the light once more and the Master will rejoice upon your return, and your reunion will be great. Your realisation as to the fragility of your lives will become obvious to you and the purpose by which you walked that life. So bring yourselves hope, not in disillusionment, not with fear for the fragmented times to come, but have hope in your hearts and joy that perhaps once more, unity will be found within the world of light and of life.

Prosperity we speak of, but not in your monetary terms, for that only brings despair. Many will argue about the fortunes they have and how it is that their wealth was blessed to them. For each man whose wealth exceeds his growth, then his path will be a torturous one, for it will not bring joy and hope as it would for most men of your Earth. It is time to share, to split the words, speak the truth to your fellow men of Earth, for in a time to come they will have hope and despair will pass for more joyous times.

We speak of sharing this evening, of bringing hope to others at this time of your year. Truly many overshadow others lives with fear and anger and the prosperity of the heart is gone. But we will not overshadow this evening by speaking of those many cruel men of your world, for we will share with you many things of the light. Have hope and bring peace to yourselves and better times will come, for truly we say unto you that these words are not false, but are from the heart.

Trigonometry, Triangles and Ships in the Night Sky

Trigonometry was once spoken of as the triangles of life and their complexity bemused many at that time! Once more we will speak of these things, for the triangles of life will come shortly, you call them airships, mosquitoes perhaps to bring a harvest of love, but purity in your hearts would bring resolution to these things. Your terminology is strange yet meaningful to those of your world, as our words are to us. Yet you amuse yourselves with the trinkets of things that are meaningless in your life, you do not bring yourself prosperity and wealth of knowledge, for what are they truly worth against a pot of gold? Your knowledge is little, but you will learn, and as our ships pass through the night sky, to be seen shortly, so you will ask yourselves, ‘Who are these beings and why do they knock at our door at this time?’

We are your companions, the ones who watch over your lives and we wish to bring you respite from the many irresponsibility’s of those men of war, for their compassion has gone, their foresight of love, companionship and warmth is all but gone.

They will cross our paths and bring joy to themselves in thinking that they are the ‘immaculate ones’ and those who ‘vanquish those beings of other worlds’. Yet their amusement will not last long, for we are resilient in our ways.

Our ships of splendour shine bright as pins within the dark skies of your night, many will notice the strange movements and habits of these things, and once more wonder of those beings of other worlds, and would they come to surrender themselves to your men of means, to do business with them, to progress your world in a fairer, more productive way?

You still do not understand or see that we only come with love. We will share the many things of our life with you, should you start to begin a progress of love, of companionship and fellowship of men.

You will not welcome or warrant our being as being genuine, for they will shoot bizarrely at many who will come, yes we know this and yet we will persist, for their will(power), will be broken and the avarice of your world will cease to function as we decimate your financial circles.

It is a strange thing to think or say, that we are of those other beings that exist beyond your atmosphere, we do not bring you fear or temptation, we do not enslave you, but help to progress your way if you have a willing heart to listen and be united.

There are many nations of your world who do not wish this, for they have embarked upon a mission of self-sufficiency. Yet the many modern means by which you communicate were given so long ago. You think of Tesla and those pioneers of radio, you would be right to say that they are the bringers of invention, the bringers of life, yet you dispelled them, for your own sakes and greed.

Our strength is yours if you wish

We communicate tonight not to bring you fear or to torment you with punishing words, but simply to say that our strength is yours if you wish. But your open mind must accept these things at face value. Those many things of your earth are meaningless, for the true worth lies in the future if you will just take our hand and allow us to lead you.

Torment is great and our words confuse and confound you. Yet there are those who would listen intently to the things spoken of. We have a passion for these beings who would open their hearts and minds to the many possibilities of future life and other life forms. Perhaps one day your eyes will be opened to a new world, a new realm, but if they are not, then this will be of your own doing.

We have a passion to bring awareness to those nations that you would call primitive, you are amongst these, for there are many young worlds just as yours with life forms that differ in many ways, yet they exist. Their beings are truly strange to your eyes, as we would be. We are the ‘Beings of Light’ and we shadow your lives to bring you joy when times are hard, yet you deny us within your hearts.

Christ, the Star Man

Allow us in to bring you purpose and to warm your soul with the comforting words that Christ will return once more to your world of men. It is a time of celebration of His being. His leadership of many was great, yet return he must in the form needed, and you would see this religious leader as being a man of the past, yet he is of the present, alive and well in your hearts and minds, although abandoned of late for the trinkets of life. You clamour to purchase these things, to satisfy your lives so that you need not see the real world in which you live. You do not look to him as the leader of men, as the poet of life, for all you see is this religious figure of long ago that has no relevance in your lives today.

So wrong you are, he is the Star-Man that will return and bless you once more with leadership in ways that you will not understand, yet those that see him will once more have purpose in their lives, but many will not, many will shun him, as they did long ago. His life will be sacrificed once more for that of the men of your world.

Prosperity overrules minds

Comradeship, leadership, is all but gone now, as your many men squabble over the spoils of war, not understanding that their nations are in great need. Their prosperity overrules their minds because they see no negative within this, and yet their civilisations suffer in poverty.

Many give, and we welcome this, for they understand their beginnings, yet there are those who are aloof and will not overwhelm their souls by the many misgivings of those beneath them, “Why should we give away our hard earned money? We prospered and brought ourselves wealth. In devious ways maybe, and those beneath us who grovel at our feet, these are their thoughts. Why should we bring them prosperity, for they bring us wealth in their labours of work.” These are shameful things to think, and maybe say. We emphasise that not all have the same misgivings, but you must realise, sometimes struggles must occur to break free of these chains of bondage that you do not see.

Beginning of a new time as the old one ends

Your lives are awash with those many things of life, so once more we will remind you of the time to come, the beginning of a new time must come as the old one ends.

Fearful words you may think, but aspire to them, for they are held in much reverence within many minds at this time. For surely a time must come when men will once more roam the earth hand-in-hand, not in fear, but with love. An impossible thing you may think, a mission too far, but is it really? If you have the will to change, would you not welcome this, or would you rather suffer your present times? Many will say that they do not suffer and that they are happy with their lot, and so they may be, but they are controlled in ways unseen.

We wish not to bring you despair, but to bring hope in the joyous times of this season, have hope in your hearts, for they will be opened once more to the many things of the world, of what you call spirit.

A passing phase and fear of passing

‘A passing phase’, a phrase used widely now, not truly understood by many for they see these souls, these people advertising the wares of spirit, not having true meaning or worth in your lives. Yet what does it cost to have an open mind and heart to believe in those things that are unseen to your eyes? For your worth is great within the kingdom of heaven, and your unruly ways, your torturous minds will be alleviated of the pain.

You fear the passing of time and your crossing, but these are merely things of nature, a natural passage for all who exist. The energies that build within your heart and your soul will carry you through without pain or fear, for physical pain is momentary and fear will lapse as you see the light once more. Truly your hearts will be open to the many things of wisdom that are given, and prosperity of the heart will be gained and you will loom once more to a brighter future.

Do you have room in your hearts to welcome the Beings of Light?

Let us teach you of these things of the Beings of Light, for they have purpose for you. Can you not see the illumination that they bring? Would you have room in your hearts to welcome them, to bring yourselves peace once more in the world of men? Or would you disagree with this and welcome in a new era of magnificence of yourselves? For truly your world is lost in these dark times.

Many will say the passage of time will cure all ills, and truly your men of wisdom will help them through these times, and there is truth in this, but you must also welcome in those of the light, because where there is no love and only fear, then torturous times will prevail. We agonise over your decisions in life not to take steps to proceed to a better way and being. Have hope for yourselves, do not let these times of disillusionment upset your innermost thoughts.

We have spoken of peace and love this evening, in the hope that you would listen, we know many will shut their ears to this, for their world is lost within that of ‘men of greed and want’. But spare a thought, for many have compassion within their hearts, many seek the truth within but have fear of ridicule, they do not have the same strength of character as this man, to speak the words of the true one being that exists within all of you. For in your hearts of love, there is an avenue by which you may travel. Shun these things of the dark, do not be ashamed to speak the words that you feel inside, for they are guided with wisdom and light.

Worship within your heart

We bring you a practice of love in the hope that your minds will turn and bring yourselves prosperity once more in your world of men. You are free of thought and are welcome within the many realms that exist beyond yours. But have a care, if you shun these things then your time will be, ‘less great’, shall we say and your lessons that you haven’t learnt at this time will truly be unrewarded. So you must bring yourselves purpose and even if you don’t worship in the synagogues and those places of worship that you call churches or in the many places of reverence in your world, you may always worship within your heart, for you are free men and your free will is given with purpose.

You may choose your paths. We speak of the dark and the light and you understand these things. We do not demand that you fall to your knees, but have gestures of love and peace in your heart, goodwill to others and the creatures of your world, including the world upon which you live, for you will forfeit the right to live upon this place if you do not have a care. Yes, a time will come when all must pass, “So why should I care,” some would think “about the happenings at this time, have you not told us of our return, what we would you return to?” You might not return to this place of life, for it may not exist, but you may return to another and your lessons will be equal in whatever form is chosen for you. If you move on, then your purpose will be great in the heavens and the earth and the very many places that life exists.

Have hope for a better future, do not despair at this time. If you do not speak the words openly, place them in your heart and remember the purpose of love and fellowship at this time. Greetings are given to you in great expectation and hope. Be blessed this evening.

New speaker

Tomb Raiders

Tomb raiders they will exploit those places of rest, they have found what you would call a ‘stash’, but they disturb those who rest there and those Egyptians who worked so hard to hide themselves will be revealed shortly. They were the kings of their world, of their universe and yet their bones lay in the dust and the dirt as yours do. Your kingdoms are short and (so is) your greatness along with it.

You have fear in your hearts for there are many turbulent times ahead and these souls, these beings that now rest in the dirt also had the same aspirations and fears as you do, and this is a passage of life, to be fought and crossed by everyone. The purpose of life is to bring hope and peace to your being, to learn the lessons that you may help others in their extreme times.

Would you be the teacher of the pupil?

Would you rather be the teacher or would you rather be the pupil? Is it better to bring yourselves purpose, to learn the teachings of the many of wisdom, those that have passed long ago? As their bones rest in the dirt, as yours will do, their wisdom carries on, because life does not cease at the end of your physical being. You possess a soul and spirit, an energy form in which you do not recognise. You think that when time is done, it is done, you do not understand that your very being is made up of the essence of the universe, and this energy, this force, this powerhouse, never ceases, but brings you joy and wisdom upon your way, should you allow it sanctuary within your hearts and beings.

Universal Knowledge

And those bones that lay in the deserts and are discovered and are held with us. Those kings of those times and their great wealth has gone, but truly their wealth of knowledge has not gone, it has not ceased to be, it exists within the universe around you. We have spoken of the universal knowledge, this wealth that exists, not to bring you purpose in life or to bring you above others of your beings, but to bring you hope and knowledge that you may learn once more, that there are many more dimensions to cross through, to pass through.

Your being exists, in part in life and in part it still taps into that universal love and knowledge. You are nothing more than energy, but your consciousness exists, it does not stray when it parts from your body, it lives on and you will become aware of your crossing and you will become aware of your loved ones. You will see them in a different light, in a different way that you cannot be expected to understand at this time.

But let us demonstrate something, that if you lit a candle and you see its flame grow, burning bright before your eyes, then this is your being, this is your life, and as a candle wears down, so the flame will flicker and begin to fade a little and so it will eventually extinguish. This is your lives, but the energy of that flame still persists, and does the flame not come back again when it is ignited by that spark of energy? Riddles, rhymes of life, meaningless to some, but to many it gives thought.

Nothing is ever truly gone

Nothing is ever truly gone, your loved ones are never departed from you, but exist still within your eternal being and they surround you with their love and their energy, unseen to you, but to some the energy is felt.

So moisten your lips, sing out the praises of that world of light, of the Lord of light, welcome his being into your hearts and know that you are a part of this universal energy, and that yours too will never cease to exist, but will carry on, maybe in a different frame or a different body, because all must perish in the material world, within your organic beings, but that energy rolls on. Such a wonderful thing to think of, you dream of everlasting life and it is true to say that your life will perpetuate despite your bodies dying days.

So those bones that you see in the earth, do not look at them as being just bones, because they were once an individual as you are. They were powerful in their time and they brought despair to many, but their spirit returned from whence it came. Those bones and the memories buried with them, will be buried forever should their passage be brought to light once more. So as they walk through the passages of darkness, torches blazing, stumbling across the things of long past, then have a thought that this could have been you! You may have been this perpetrator of death and destruction, because you are all reborn. And we will say this of your rebirth, that to share this with many other souls, you are put into the mix as it were, and when you are brought purpose to learn once more, then you take a piece of each other to bring with you, the knowledge and wisdom to carry you through your time of life once more is with you, but if you betray yourselves and do not tap into this source of knowledge within, then you must return! And return you must, for there is a passage of time for all. But eventually your spirit and soul will roam in paradise and your hearts and minds know this. So be not concerned of your termination, your bones will rest in the soil as others of long ago did, and yet you will blossom once more and relight the flame of that candle to burn bright once more, to bring hope to others.

You must go now, we thank you for your time.

New speaker

Words were given to you Michael that your friends may hear and think on about these things and the purpose given. Truth will exclude few and the light will burn bright within your hearts if you have the will and energy to allow it. Bring peace to yourselves this evening as you sleep, prosperity only comes with the light and love of the One to come and not within your purse strings or in your monetary world.

Remember these words, for your prosperity will be great if you do. The riches of life are not the objects and material things that you see, for there is a greater wealth that exists within your hearts and if you give it freely you will feel the rewards as they fill your lives with purpose once more. The envious and the greedy will look on and ask how it is that your souls can be so happy and fearless for the future, and you will tell them that you have seen the light and the Beings of Light that stand before you, for they are here to guide in wisdom and knowledge that far exceed your own at this time.

Bring purpose to yourselves children. Good evening.


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Author: messagesformankind

'Michael Champion Trance medium. His work consists of communications through thought transference which are mainly from 'Being's of Light' of other dimensions. This broad spectrum of beings includes those from angelic realms and extra terrestrials. From time to time well known names from history and popular celebrities bring forward significant messages and also private individuals from the world of spirit who wish to communicate poignant stories with loved ones. The main purpose of all the messages is to educate and broaden the minds of humanity to the possibility of a 'New Dawn'. Becoming a trance medium was something of a surprise to Michael, it started as an initial interest in 'ghost hunting' which widened his awareness into accepting the existence of consciousness that could communicate from the world of spirit. After practicing meditation he soon began to receive communications while in a state of light trance, it was then that he realised, not all messages were from a human source. Very quickly the importance of the messages and their content became apparent, particularly after meeting his friends, Kevin and Valerie who recognised the great value of his work. After the sudden passing of his wife in 2017, Michael moved from Southern England to the Scottish Borders to be near his son and daughter in law. From his peaceful home he continues with his trance sessions, during which he records and transcribes new and fascinating messages on a weekly basis. These are currently being compiled into future volumes of 'Messages for Humankind’. They are regularly posted onto a blog site of the same name which reaches readers throughout the world. Valerie & Kevin. Together they work to proof read, edit and sometimes explain the messages for Michael as well as managing a blog site for him in an effort to allow the communications to reach as many people as possible.

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