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No message is for financial or personal gain in any way. All time is given voluntarily. Excerpts from messages may be used for the benefit of all, however, we would appreciate a mention of their source.

The website has been created by three friends, the channel himself and a husband and wife team who live some 450 miles away from him. We were all brought to work together by a series of synchronicities. We seek no recognition or reward even though we have now published two books. All funds from those will be put straight into publishing further volumes for those who wish to own a  copy of the messages as a keepsake or for reference. We choose to try and remain fairly anonymous, although our ‘friends’ in the messages often name us.

The site carries messages which have been channelled via thought transference to the trance medium by ‘Beings of the Light’. Including Avatars or Ascended Masters and envoys who we believe may be of Arcturian Origin. Sometimes we are also surprised by famous names and celebrities who ‘pop in’, as well ordinary folk who have a poignant message to share.

Humanity is facing turbulent times, therefore some messages may appear very harsh, however, just as a loving parent may speak harsh words to an unruly teenager, our friends of the light sometimes speak harsh words to us as they attempt to prevent us creating further problems.

To balance the harshness, words of wisdom and philosophy are also given to uplift us.

We make no claims about any predictions given. They may sometimes be difficult to read or understand. Some meanings are metaphorical and where dates are given, they may not be for the current year.

Other than occasionally adding notes regarding the potential meaning of a word or phrase or slightly paraphrasing muddled sentences, they are all exactly as channelled, recorded and transcribed. (Original recordings are kept on record for reference.)

We are able to verify that the content of the channelled information is never pre-planned, researched, or heard of prior to any of the messages being channelled or transcribed.

The biblical way in which some words are spoken may be off-putting for some and we appreciate that the concept of God being mentioned is also difficult for people who have different or even no belief system. Again we reiterate the words are not ours! We note the similarity to biblical texts at times and remember that the Old Testament was channelled by prophets with messages from angels and other beings, are these the same beings of light that we are working with?

If you have an aversion to the word God or Lord, please try thinking of it like this: God is a man made word and there is no absolute correct translation or meaning of this word from original texts. For instance, the Quakers will refer to God as ‘The Light’. in other biblical texts God is referred to as The Elohim, ‘the creators’ and the leader of the Elohim was known as Yahweh, the word Yahweh is translated from YHWH and means “I am who I am”. The word Elohim means “Those who come from the sky”. 

Is this ‘God’ a separate entity? 

The messages sometimes tell us that there is one ‘God’ or Force/Consciousness/Source (whatever you like to call it) no matter what religion, and we are all connected and part of this Conscious Energy. We are not separate from it, other than by our own thoughts. 

We welcome constructive comments from readers. It is always possible that we sometimes misinterpret some of the content ourselves, in which case are open to correction, or you may have something relevant to add. As time has passed, we have learned more and recognise that some messages are a little bit of test, will we believe all we are told? Are there hidden metaphors? Later messages start to encourage us to find the truth of who we are within ourselves. We know this can only be done through meditation – not through books, although some give us useful pointers! 

The years of reading these messages have been interesting and an important part of our growth and spiritual development. In turn, we are happy to help others. So please question us, ask for clarification if you wish. 

Please leave a comment at the end of any transcript for us to find.