16-06-20 Discrimination, Reincarnation, Reason for suffering and our higher self, choose to see beauty etc

Transcript Date: 16th June 2020

Discard your fears

Gather your fears and discard them my children, do not allow any worries or concerns of the world to infest your lives, to bring you down or make you feel unworthy, for all are worthy, not just within the sight of God in heaven, but within the world of man.

Many struggle to find their place in life, to find a way of bringing hope to others through the trepidations of life. It is not an uncommon thing and it has been so for many millennia, and many have come and gone to help those in need, those that you call mediums and prophets of the past, yet there is still one to come, one more to help your world who will bring blessings to those with narrow minds into focus so they will see there is a better way of living, one of love and companionship, of sharing and goodwill to others.

The world to come and our absent loved ones

Much purpose has been brought to you Michael, do not allow it to fade, it is worthy of any man to connect with this side of life. As we sit this evening we would like to focus upon you and bring hope to others that the world to come truly exists. And to tell those who have lost loved ones that they walk with them constantly, without fear, without pain, just the common purpose of love. For that spiritual realm to which you aspire to is all around you and brings focus to whoever would sit and ask of its knowledge.

Fear of the virus

Bring blessings to those this evening who sit within their homes, afraid to venture out. The viruses of life are sometimes unwelcoming to those who are not so healthy, for those who have ‘conditions’. We will say to you that you must not walk your lives in fear, but bring yourselves hope of a new day and a new dawn to come. We understand that the knowledge of this is vast to comprehend, we reiterate that only your fear will bring you down. You must walk your lives as intended, as was given long ago, so that you may find your way, not just within this world of men, but with that of the spiritual realm of which we speak.

Darkness hides the truth of the spiritual realm

To many this is a figment of imagination, to think that another existence walks with you, beside you, they cannot see a way to ascertain the truth of these matters, the darkness hides this truth from them and the more they deny their minds a special focus, the more elusive it will become to them. Perhaps not to all, but there are those who would shy away from this illumination for fear of the retribution that they think it will bring.

You walk your lives in many ways and spheres to bring each other comfort in hope for the future, it is not uncommon for most men to shy away from things they do not understand and yet you, each one of you, understand this all too well, it is hidden from you at this time, a test if you like, to see how you would cope without the knowledge in the existence of spirit.

You are, each and every one of you, a part of the spiritual realm, you walk your lives in ignorance of it, this was intended so you may learn the many things about life. Some will terminate their inner desire to find out these things, whilst others actively seek it out. Justice will come to some, but not all. Although we focus upon you this evening, we bring you hope that salvation lies ahead.

Seeking the true comfort of love

So many see the horrors of your world and turn their eyes and ears to those who would help. They cannot trust the things they are told by the authorities of your world, who have given them no hope or reason to trust, they look to their own and to each other for comfort and support from their families, this is where the truth lies, this is what the comfort of love is all about. We speak of the many trials and tribulations of your world, of current affairs and those of the past.

News from one known to Valerie

We bring you news of one this evening who seeks an audience with you. She has lost so much of her fear but still she fears that she may not be heard whilst on this side of life. She must to speak to Valerie who knew of her plight. She had a common valour as she fought a struggle that so many of your world combat each and every single day. Her worries and concerns were laid to rest, abated as she passed this side of life. Her pain gone, the anguish of her life faded away as she opened her eyes to the new world. Her name is familiar to you, and you would speak of Deniece, a gracious lady, one who came fourth to find the power of love within the fold of the one you know (Valerie). Her faith was a trial, for she could not see how one so gracious as God could allow these afflictions to manifest themselves in those of this world. We say to you now, her answers have come, she has more knowledge than ever now and she wishes peace upon those who helped her through her trials. She cannot say the name of the one she loved and lost so long ago, for she considers this a personal keepsake message, but she knows of those who brought peace to her mind as she sat in the cabin those months ago and felt the reassurance of spirit around her. She felt the energy flow through her body and she felt that things would be well. But not all can be healed, for a time must come for all when they must say goodbye the world of man and re-establish themselves within the world of spirit, to recover from the pain and sorrow, from the hurt that was caused by many to her. In her heart she holds forgiveness.

Her daughter once asked her to “Step back mum, step back and do not be afraid, for I am afraid for you, and without you in my life I have no desire to continue on.” Yet her mother spoke to her in such a peaceful way, to reassure her of her comfort, and that she would be with her when the time came, from the other side of life.

Healing and listening

Many regret their actions in life and do not speak of things in the past that may have hurt them, or struck them down with needless worry and concern. For people of the healing community, there is a need for you to listen, for healing comes not in the physical way, but in the way of listening with compassion, speaking kindly and reassuring those that all is well with the world, even though they suffer great pain. Time will come when peace will be brought to them through the avenues of spirit and that of the light.

The path of life

We say once more, that no one should fear these things, you must cope with your lives as ordained. For each of you has a pattern of life, all a path to follow and although some may deviate from this path, for the vast majority they walk it in ignorance, not understanding that their path has become a reality to them.

We can only say this to those of life, remain steadfast, trust in the faith of spirit and God. Know that you come from the light and you will return to the light. Although painful times will be experienced, unnecessary as it seems at times, they are lessons given to forward your soul and spirit to the next level of existence. What evidence would you give? Some would ask, how would you know of those things if there is nothing to see or hear in the physical? This is the whole point, you should not question your judgement, you should listen to your heart and mind and understand that these things are there, not to torment you, but to assist you, and as you guide others through your lives and in your families, you are also guided as a family of spirit.

Trials and tribulations

Many will argue and say that their trials and tribulations of life are far too great to be ordained by a world of spirit or love, yet you must progress in your souls life to look forward to better times. We do not speak of reward through the riches of gold, silver or that of diamonds and other precious metals from your earth, we speak of reward through love and compassion, a much greater gift that would fulfil your lives beyond belief.

This one who speaks this evening (Michael) has witnessed these things and felt the great power of spirit that flows through you all, he has felt the reward of helping others through their spiritual concerns of their loved ones who have passed. Messages are brought by those beings of your world, ‘mediums’ you know them as. Yet some have a more purposeful position within the world of life.

Do not be afraid to speak out and ask of us what you will, we will not harm you, it is only your own kind that would harm you through deceit and deception. These practices are numerous within your world, for they know how to focus on your fears. It is only the genuine ones that would not ask for a coin or two, or ask favours of you in return of their services, it is only those who seek love to help others through their roles in life. Come together now children, be as one, help one another through the storms of life.

New speaker

Passing is not the end

You know of tragic circumstances, many have experienced these things and we do not wish to keep reminding you of them. Tonight we have spoken about love and spirit to bring you hope in your hearts, so that when your time comes and the fear overwhelms you from disease and the illnesses of life, you may see there is a light at the end of the tunnel, a new beginning. Some still do not believe, they think that when their time comes, their passing would be the final outcome. They are wrong, and they are shown the way. Too many precious hearts are lost in this belief.

Sacrifice and bringing about change through love

Sacrifice and sacrificial religions are not necessary, they kill the beasts in hope to be in favour of those from spirit and what they call ‘God’s’. You would think that these practices no longer exist, yet you would be wrong, so wrong, for many still do these things in the belief and hope of their resurrection. We do not condemn these people, for they know no better. Their past lives and generations have taught them these things. So how do you bring about change, even in your part of the world, that you term as being ‘civilised’? How would you bring about change? Not through violence, but through words of compassion as spoken by one this week.

Discrimination and differences throughout the world

Those of the wealthy stay aloof from those of what you would term ‘the working class’, but gradually, this will be filtered out as they become aware of their responsibilities. Yours is of a great responsibility to show them better way.

A time will come in the near future when change will occur. not through violence, but through the spoken word of love. Not through the church, but through the heartfelt emotions of the people of Earth.

You are still segregated, East from West, those of the Caribbean and African countries, and those of other countries that suffer extreme poverty, would you think that they are unhappy? They are probably more happy than you could ever imagine, for they have no need of the things from the West, the trinkets and toys, and they have no need of the poisons you consume within the alcohol or the foods that are preserved through these very same things. Their diet is a natural one, and their lives are natural, as was intended for all humans upon the Earth.

Why some suffer

You cannot cope with these words perhaps, you see them as poor wretches who need help, but why would you help them if theirs is of the ‘status quo’? True, you see many suffer through illness within these lands, many suffer from dominating and violent factions that bring murderous torture to them, but who in the end will find paradise? Shameful things are seen, many are portrayed upon your box of vision and you cannot understand how these things can occur, but you must understand that they are of the minority. The majority of people have a good heart and soul, you don’t have to, or need to, worship in church, or worship spirit to have a good soul and a good outcome of your life.

Some find it hard to understand why so many suffer in pain, those children born into poverty and their sorrow is great. You question why these souls should suffer so. This is an unambiguous answer, but their purpose is great, their soul has to experience these things of teaching, perhaps they were of different stages within a previous life and they needed to learn the lesson. This is so cruel many might think, to do this to a child. You are all children, all learning and growing constantly. Perhaps in another life to come you will be one of these children, because you have not learnt the lessons of life, because you have not trodden the path that you should have, and what a harsh lesson you may think.

We have told you that there is no punishment, no hell, but only the hell on Earth that humans inflict upon others, yet you see us as being cruel! Life is short and their pain does not last long, but their lessons are great. How can you possibly understand these things if you do not have trust and faith.

A Scotsman tells his story of prejudice

I was once a man of the earth, I brought torture to others, not deliberately, but in ways I did not see. I cannot fathom why it is that you communicate this evening, but I see the light that surrounds you and I welcome this intervention, for it has been a while since I have been able to speak with the human race, and I say this tongue-in-cheek, for there is another world to which I now belong. My thoughts are transmitted through this man, and he is unaware of who I am, it is not necessary to know who I was or what my purpose was, but truly I was a Scot, a heathen some would say, untamed, unruly and not deserving of mercy or peace. My struggle was one of great purpose to help others to be free from tyranny from our neighbours, (England) And they celebrate to this day, (The Reivers Festival ) the events of those times when the borders were strewn with blood, I come to you this evening not as a man, but as a fellow spirit who once struggled to come to terms with the tyranny of life.

I do not see you as I did then, for you are a spirit of the human kind, as I was. My hatred towards your kind (the English) was great, but I have overcome many obstacles, these prejudices, as your world must now overcome the prejudices that exists within all of you to a lesser or greater extent. Even those who think themselves worthy of God’s grace have it in their hearts to be prejudiced against others. This man (Michael) is no exception and although it is not of colour prejudice, he has other misgivings towards others, but he would not bring them harm, nor would I at my time, unless I felt it necessary.

Prejudice is about ignorance and you must free your minds of these things to become one with that of the spirit and soul. Tonight I have spoken, not in my native tongue, for you would not understand what I have said but nevertheless I am of spirit, my lessons learnt, as all lessons will be learnt to all men of the earth. Good evening.

New speaker

Memories as stored energy within the soul

Timeless memories, you all possess these memories of the past, of this life or perhaps from previous lives that you are unaware of. Memories linger on and they do not fade at the passing of your body or of your spirit to the world of light. For they are kept as an energy, like your souls. Your loved ones do not forget, and for time they will surround you with their love and compassion as you struggle with life at their loss, whether it is of a different kind of species or your own, it doesn’t matter, but eventually they will move on, but they will not forget, nor will you.

Higher Self and Reincarnation

Each of you have a higher self to which you must return and those of your loved ones that have moved on, may not greet you in person, but you will know them and their higher selves and the purpose by which they lived. An end you may think, how can this be when you love your loved ones and your families so much, or the animals of your life? This is not an end, you will amalgamate as one and you will be part of each other, you will become a singular soul if you like, and as each portion of this light moves on, they will graduate, and so will you. Your memories of long ago will linger on and you will not forget whilst in the world of spirit. True, if you live again (reincarnate) in whatever form you may take, these memories will be taken away from you, so that your lessons can be learnt afresh without corruption from previous existences. To some they will be knowledgeable of their previous lives and this is intended for them. Poppycock! Poppycock you may say, no such thing as reincarnation, this is it, a one-time affair only. Oh no, no, no, we must impress upon you that your lives as a living being are terminated as your body dies, but your soul, your spirit, the conscious part of you, or the unconscious as you may see it, lives on in perpetual motion.

For some who achieve a higher status, they will move on to a different realm of existence, whilst others will continue their lessons upon earth. What torment is this you may think! To send us back to this place, but it is only you who exist upon this planet that cause each other such harm and grief, it could be so much better. Some call it hell on earth, others a paradise. It is a blend of the two and it is up to you as an individual spirit and soul, a person if you will, to see this difference, to look to the world around you and see that of the dark which exists within the beauty and light of Earth.

Choose to see beauty

Look to those regions unspoiled by mankind, see the beauty of nature which was intended for all, to live in harmony and peace. Then look to the warring nations and those of greed and avarice and ask yourselves, where would you rather be? Would you rather exist in a beautiful place without the need for all these things that you consider so important these days, or would you rather live in turmoil through the anxious times of the East and West, which would you choose? A relative peace and calm from nature and her true beauty? I think we know the answer, don’t you? But if you choose the latter, that of where you are now, then you have not opened your eyes, you have not seen the beauty. You needn’t travel great distances to see these things, look to your skies, look to the beautiful colours that are created within the heavens that surround you, for there is much beauty held within and also within the world that surrounds you, even the smallest plant form has a beauty all of its own, would you not look at these things in detail, or would you just pass them by as being weed on the ground?

This is the purpose of life

You must learn these things, this is the purpose of life, you must learn to look deep within, to look at your surroundings and see the beauty that exists and not the dark debauchery that exists today, you must go within and search out your soul, for it is there for each and every one of you.

We thank you for your purpose this evening Michael, be assured that life will evolve as it should, and your purpose will become one once more with those of your loved ones. The past memories will increase as time folds and you will see a new beginning, a new purpose within your life. The fear may be great and the terminology used of death should be ignored, for this is the new beginning of rebirth once more, into the world that you call spirit.




Author: messagesformankind

'Michael Champion Trance medium. His work consists of communications through thought transference which are mainly from 'Being's of Light' of other dimensions. This broad spectrum of beings includes those from angelic realms and extra terrestrials. From time to time well known names from history and popular celebrities bring forward significant messages and also private individuals from the world of spirit who wish to communicate poignant stories with loved ones. The main purpose of all the messages is to educate and broaden the minds of humanity to the possibility of a 'New Dawn'. Becoming a trance medium was something of a surprise to Michael, it started as an initial interest in 'ghost hunting' which widened his awareness into accepting the existence of consciousness that could communicate from the world of spirit. After practicing meditation he soon began to receive communications while in a state of light trance, it was then that he realised, not all messages were from a human source. Very quickly the importance of the messages and their content became apparent, particularly after meeting his friends, Kevin and Valerie who recognised the great value of his work. After the sudden passing of his wife in 2017, Michael moved from Southern England to the Scottish Borders to be near his son and daughter in law. From his peaceful home he continues with his trance sessions, during which he records and transcribes new and fascinating messages on a weekly basis. These are currently being compiled into future volumes of 'Messages for Humankind’. They are regularly posted onto a blog site of the same name which reaches readers throughout the world. Valerie & Kevin. Together they work to proof read, edit and sometimes explain the messages for Michael as well as managing a blog site for him in an effort to allow the communications to reach as many people as possible.

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