10-07-16 Attempts of E.T. Contact, Needs of our Children etc


Welcome James.

Constantly were hear murmurings of discontent within the nations of your world, for the haphazard way in which man behaves. He neglects the things given to him from Our Father the Lord.

We once more have purpose to bring a meaningful end to all who suffer persecution within your world. Frantic your minds as you cry out for peace and stability, frankly we are appalled that human race have degenerated into an appalling mess. Your governments, when they realise the situation is dire, will have neither the strength nor the attitude to change for they fear retribution from the masses. Their terminology is that of rhetoric (speech making!), for which most will not understand. Their knowledge grows of a purpose within your communities to strive forward for a better future, a life of compassion. (NOTE: This last sentence sounds like they are aware that people take things into their own hands at a local community level to support each other and make changes.)

We cannot stress enough to the multitudes of your Earth that we, the Arcturians, have a purpose dedicated to bring about minds of peace. To activate a wave of communion within your peoples of the world. Frantically we have attempted to communicate and connect with your men of science, they’re blasphemous with nuisance weapons, they chase us with their arrogance, completely misunderstanding the purpose of our visit. Comparatively men are no better than those who cause tyranny within the world, they deliberately drag out the purpose of peace to cause a wave of fear. We need your co-operation to bring about a meaningful purpose to the world of men.

Circles you have seen, circles in the sand will be released in the near future, your men who disbelieve such things will scratch their heads thinking, “How is this possible, for sand does not hold its form?” We are aware of the sceptics and critics who will accuse those of adhering the partials together. Measure the sand with your instruments of science and know there is no trickery, just our influence upon matter, upon which you have not achieved.

We are no longer on the surface of our planet, we are destitute, alien to our world for it is unbreathable. We focus our attention on yours in the hope that there may be an alliance by which our nation may join yours, but alas your world is too violent at this time for us to consider a motion of peace between us, so we watch in the darkness.

We observe men of science desperately trying to dismiss our attempts of communication with excuses of “It’s just radio interference”. It won’t be long before the master of the universe comes before you all to initiate their purpose of love and temperance. Can you not see that our wisdom are the words of the Lord, do you not understand that all living creatures about the universe are a creation of His Almighty hand? You search space for the beginnings of events, this cannot be found, it is not a material thing that you should be looking at. Spiritually you are aware of the many things beyond your science, you trespass upon our lives sending your ships to investigate.

So sad that your short lives are intimidated by men of violence.

Comfort should be given to those of Antigua this evening. They will suffer an earthquake of some magnitude, an eruption will follow very quickly causing the Earth to move. (NOTE: There is earthquake activity in the area, but nothing catastrophic, with prayer, may it stay that way – Recent Earthquake Activity)

Many will be lost to the clouds of dust that roll in from the hills. You need not concern yourselves with such events as they reoccur many times upon your Earth as she coughs and chokes under the strain that you impose upon her. Your clean air will soon be gone as the mists of time roll in. Reaction from us cannot occur, we cannot presume to interfere in the lives of man, your atmosphere will choke, you will continue, but things will change. It’s up to you to bring life back to your planet or not! (NOTE: Do you think the above two events sound like a warning of catastrophes that we could possibly prevent or maybe reduce the severity of, if mankind can just ‘wake-up’ and care for the earth? Or, as the sentence below states, could it be something happening in spring next year?)

Target your emotions my son, focus your mind, curb your attitudes as we advance to bring knowledge to mankind of forthcoming events in the early spring of next year.

We have arrived to the conclusion that your trust is worthy, we are satisfied that we can now demonstrate many things that you are to impart upon your people. We gather in the early spring as many do, for new beginnings will arrive with an attitude of love towards man. We cannot guard you, we cannot bring ourselves to mention the many things you will see within your lifetime. You gather your crops (Note: metaphor for gathering people) and harvest your fruit, treat them with the respect and the dignity they deserve, for they are poor of heart, their minds reap many things, can you not see that we bring greetings of love and wisdom.

We have met many times before, your memories lapse as all do, but your knowledge grows and you speculate the many things possible beyond your world. Treat it with respect, that is how we expect those of the Earth to communicate with us, not to impart their messages of warnings as they scream ‘ keep away!’. What problem have they in allowing another nation to communicate their feelings? We cannot describe our anxiety at the prospect of ill will from your men of the Earth, they will attempt to defeat us, but this will be futile, as we will disable their forces with a attitude of love so as not to increase the tension and focus upon their weapons of war. They will turn to you and others to help in the efforts of contact.

Your wave lengths of the Earth you call radio, will not transmit messages on our frequency. We have an urgent need to communicate with those who are able to receive a signal, C.E.T.I, ( More information )they ignite a storm when they remark on the cloud of interference caused upon their machines.

Your vibrations are only matched by that of your purpose, your intentions maybe good or bad, but they will bring forth a harvest of knowledge for those of a will to pick from. Transmit your messages through your minds as apposed to the physical media.

We cannot assist you in your lives, you must attain your peace. Truly remarkable, your will to connect with us “beings of the light”, your responses will be answered in due course. As a matter of interest do you wish us to show the lights of Heaven? … So be it, feel us as we approach, have no fear as we will be gentle in our manner.

We spoke of tuberculosis that many will suffer in the fires emitted from your grounds, truly your conscious minds will sooth it. A natural ability, awareness to the diseases of your earth. Your fortitude should be increased tenfold that the remedies and cures that are purchased by the men of wealth, they hold back information of a magnitude that will astound those minds of science. Why has this not been seen, why do you hold back vital information they will ask. Your media will draw attention to their findings and bring their focus to the fore, embarrassing them as they have to admit their wrong doings. (NOTE: although smoke is not the direct cause of TB, smoke will aggravate the problem as it will those who suffer with C.O.P.D. – once more they are drawing attention to the forest fires around the world that pollute the atmosphere, heat the earth and kill our trees. Most go unreported in our national press, but they are happening all over the world: Current Wild Fires)

Heart given thanks are given to the many who value your words of life, you cannot assume that all responses will be friendly, but know this, we are friends to those who wish our company.

Your bondage to the rich will become freer as the markets crash as they speculate upon a world without a future.

The wars of Rome were many and vast. They were spread so thinly that their measures and rules could not be applied. In the final outburst of anger, the city walls fell and Rome crashed through the bureaucracy of those in power and of wealth. They mocked the multitudes in a manner disrespectful to the human race, as a rabid dog will turn upon his master, so those revelling Romans knew their defeat.

Purposely we have omitted many things from your mind, for your judgment has to be pure. Your wisdom is lacking but we assure you that your knowledge is great beyond that of your body. Do not hold back your memories of previous lives as they hold the key to your being, continue your work knowing of our gratitude in our hearts, our focus is upon you my son.

A spectacle of sheer delight is to be seen, a miraculous event will occur in the East & West over the skies. December is a time of peace and harmony it denotes the coming, and the passing of ignorance and ignorance of that time. Truly yours will be no different in His coming, for He will announce His being very shortly in the clouds of the Eastern sky. We have C.E.T.I., we will communicate our voice to the multitudes of your earth, through the whispering of this old man, for he has an ability to transmit his feelings. Allow us the courtesy of entering his being ( Authors Note: I do actually feel slightly different at this point ). How strange it feels to become one with man, to feel the pulsating rhythm, we have conquered many worlds with our love, we have gratitude for our being. We were once a nation of independent souls who were able to trash (Note: dispose of or release!) our bodies matter, we exist now within the light of spirit. We commence our journeys on many paths with an expectation of love and goodwill to all men. Transmit your vibrations as you sit without fear Michael, to master your feelings you must release.

Tragic circumstances will indicate a purpose to the meaning of life. All those who are lost will crawl out upon Mother Earth, the sanctuary. The entire world will roll (or know) of St Roland’s axis spinning as it weaves its way through the Cosmic universe.
(NOTE: We haven’t got a clue what this means, any ideas?)

Let us not compare thee with arrows, but of the flower of heaven, for your heart shines out. Let your voice be your guide upon the path of love, we have exerted a force upon you of freedom of speech, to ignite a passion in many. Be brave and conscious of the world around you and the aspects of the people’s will. Together we will merge on the road to victory, just as you once rode the horse before the legion of men, although you are a former shadow of yourself, now recognising that your purpose and need is of love. We have spoken of many things to determine your attitude towards the unknown beings of the universe, you now recognise that our existence is within your reach. Communicate your thoughts of love, together we will march the roads once more, just as Commodus led his armies. Be proud of your achievements and be not ashamed of Mary’s thoughts, for their ignorance will not abate your abilities. We have many means by which we communicate, yours is but one of thousands, recognise that we of Arcturia, are a constant presence in your lives.

We will initiate a program of peace among your people, your nations of despair will become one as the multitudes ignite a spark of intolerance to their masters. Become one with your heart and knowledge. Have superior lines of thought, for we will allow you the freedom of thought. We cannot say with any great accuracy that life on your Earth will exist for many eons, for if your attitudes do not change then take this as a warning, that your communities will collapse before your eyes. We must build on your thoughts of love, on concrete foundations, affirm your love to that of the Creator who sits and watches and guards those of the light. Comparatively your mind is weak, it shapes your thoughts of the many aspects of your life, complete your missions in the manner of respect for all that gather around. Do not let them display a dismissive interest, for these words cannot be expressed to those of a negative attitude.

Father Augustus he once was a man and now sits as a woman, she is in denial that her knowledge is great within the aspects of her life. You will all dwell on the past for therein lies your present abilities. Your meagre lives of attitude of gratitude towards the Creator. (Father Augustus Muller or Father Augustus Tolton ?)

You ask of this world from whence we come, it is a beautiful place filled with aspects of love in many colours by which they are perceived. If you have dark thoughts in your lives then you will continue in the darkness until you have reached a point of recognition to that of love and peace towards your fellow beings. Oh we see his role, and its clarity of thought, although he cannot believe how much we inspire to fill in the messages to those of your world, and peace to your brothers within your lifetime. There is no task unworthy.

We have explained the rivers of life and the virtues by which you should follow, crowned your minds to witness a spectacle of light, as we regard your beings as being primitive. You are easily fooled, you follow like sheep to the Wolves Lair, they beckon you on with trinkets and trifles, can you not see the bigger picture from which their purpose comes? We have many times expressed a concern upon the future of man, his ways of intolerance to his Mother Earth and to his fellow beings. Truly remarkable, your arrogance as you lead your lives in a spectacle of disobedience, can you not see the error of your ways?

We cannot completely assume that your species will continue as one for the negative that exists within you all has a tremendous power of attitude that affects those of your young. Your responsibilities to your next generations are not being met at this time. We find your arrogance and disbelief in the powers of the Lord hurtful, you have taken away the god given right to the young ones to learn of aspects of love. They play their games of violence, registering the thoughts that intimidate their minds, their natural abilities are impeded by your ignorance. We have witnessed many occasions by which children have been sent to us by means of intolerance from their own kind. (Child abuse/murder) We cannot understand the reasoning behind this, truly you must see and concur your thoughts of fear and negativity, you must equate (associate) yourselves as beings of the light, convince those around you that God exists within you all. Can you not be brave? Allow the light to shine and dismiss the negatives, your responsibilities to the next generation are failed as you clamour for the latest gadgets, the novelty of which has a dark purpose beyond your understanding.

They watch you from behind your walls (firewalls?) they hear the thoughts of your mind, they compare this with many things. Subliminal messages are being sent by those who would profit through your ignorance. Don’t allow your minds focus to fall into the trap of technology for it holds within it a force of evil and they encourage you all the time. As their technology increases they insert minute chips to increasingly watch the population of your Earth.

In secretive ways your society is led by the Wolves, you are the sheep that graze upon their ill will. Lift your heads from the ground and look at what’s around you, become aware of the Wolves and their intentions upon you and your young ones. Lift your hearts and say “No!” to these desirable things for they have no purpose in your lives other than to amuse and to spy.

We applaud progression in your race, but it must be tempered with love and the true guidance in your hearts. We applaud your efforts to bring hope to others with our words, we condemn those who deceive with deceit, their undignified ways will not prosper them. As their short lives end, they will wonder what it is that they have achieved, because what they have achieved they cannot take with them, it makes no difference to their next existence. Beware the Wolves that knock at your door, look them in the eye and ask them the truth of their hearts. Denounce them as being creatures of the night and shelter your young ones from the storm that rages around you. In all aspects of life you are tormented. In ways that you cannot imagine, your beings are focused upon the instruments of pleasure, for they bring distraction within your minds. Your hearts will have ignored, as their greed becomes a hunger in your heart, you lust after the riches of life. You don’t see the true riches of life, that of love and tolerance towards your fellow human beings.

This is all you take with you! You buy a car and the car transports you, what need of it when you pass? That car is of no use to you whatsoever, but if you were to open your heart to love, a tolerance and to assist your fellow beings, when you pass, this is what you take with you. Your light will shine bright in the heavens above your earth and you will know that your life of purpose was good.

We continually attempt to make contact by means of your radio waves, you have heard the vibrations continually. We will bring an ever increasing need for those to listen. Your sacrifice of will is marked as a passion of love. (Authors Note: I have heard the vibrations on the recordings, an oscillation sound which is visible on the graph of the GoldWave program) Continually we muster our thoughts around you, transmit your being.

Tremendous emotions are being felt at this time by those of poverty around your world, their hearts cry out, their stomachs hunger. Why must we endure these things they ask. Children lay on the streets of your cities unnoticed by the many, they are ignored as if they were of no value. Your streets of Singapore are lined with many magnificent buildings of splendour, the houses of profit, at their feet lay those individuals who cry out for justice and a home to live in. In their doorways and their underground caverns they sleep and shiver with fear of being found. The children who are lost in these societies are in urgent need of homes and loving families. Your species are strange to ignore one an others needs without taking a second look, for your attitude will reflect on your lives and purpose.

Will you not denounce those who make millions of your money. They control your web with an image you cannot understand or do not see, their focus and gaze is upon their aspects of profit at whatever expense. They have no need of men, only their purpose of greed. Trials and tribulations will be set against them in a new beginning. A marked emotion will be felt as they realise the money is lost and Ubicore become rich in their own right. (http://www.gatespacetelematics.com/resources/docs/gstm.datasheet-ubicore-md-009.pdf)

Do not let them sleep under the stars, bring peace to their hearts and souls. Their memories of their loved ones to bargain, for they to came from a family of neglect, for some were abandoned by the pressures put upon their loved ones. Your tolerance is needed to grant them peace, pray for them so that they may find a warmth in their hearts and a purpose in their being. Pray for them, for their salvation and not yours. Bring them peace and love in their lives, be honest with yourselves, transmit your energies and thought to inspire and guide them to a sanctuary of love.

Author: messagesformankind

'Michael Champion Trance medium. His work consists of communications through thought transference which are mainly from 'Being's of Light' of other dimensions. This broad spectrum of beings includes those from angelic realms and extra terrestrials. From time to time well known names from history and popular celebrities bring forward significant messages and also private individuals from the world of spirit who wish to communicate poignant stories with loved ones. The main purpose of all the messages is to educate and broaden the minds of humanity to the possibility of a 'New Dawn'. Becoming a trance medium was something of a surprise to Michael, it started as an initial interest in 'ghost hunting' which widened his awareness into accepting the existence of consciousness that could communicate from the world of spirit. After practicing meditation he soon began to receive communications while in a state of light trance, it was then that he realised, not all messages were from a human source. Very quickly the importance of the messages and their content became apparent, particularly after meeting his friends, Kevin and Valerie who recognised the great value of his work. After the sudden passing of his wife in 2017, Michael moved from Southern England to the Scottish Borders to be near his son and daughter in law. From his peaceful home he continues with his trance sessions, during which he records and transcribes new and fascinating messages on a weekly basis. These are currently being compiled into future volumes of 'Messages for Humankind’. They are regularly posted onto a blog site of the same name which reaches readers throughout the world. Valerie & Kevin. Together they work to proof read, edit and sometimes explain the messages for Michael as well as managing a blog site for him in an effort to allow the communications to reach as many people as possible.

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