10-7-16 Message for Lightworkers

Channelling – 10.07.16

Message for lightworkers – To stay on Track, do not be side tracked

Message Channeled by B.E. (Guest follower of Messages for Mankind)

You are a cat amongst pigeons. Cats are independent creatures and they tread very carefully. They come out at night when it’s still and quiet. Be the ‘watcher’, the watcher of men. Keep your own council, you are like the council of Angels, we know you fly and want to spread the light to all but know you only have to just hold the space whilst others fly! Hopefully high. Do not engage in conversation, only when asked, offer a helping hand – only when asked. Listen and be still, speak when spoken to. Remember everyone has self responsibility. You have woken up, you are no longer sleeping (spiritual term of reference). You have stepped out, others unfortunately step back. Put them in ‘God’s hands’, you must only hold them temporarily, you don’t fly with them or drop with them if they fall. All spiritual people have ups and downs, but no one is better or more advanced, especially spiritual people. Learn by your mistakes, lead but do not be lead or be drawn into battle, let others fight their own battles or else heavy armour will weigh down on your shoulders. Hold your own alignment and keep standing tall. Do not let others bring the fight to you, stop do not allow it. Offer guidance, love, life knowledge and channel words of wisdom. But do not get caught in entrapment, it serves no one. It especially won’t serve us.

The Angels.


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