24-09-19 – Other Life Forms, Churchill, Drugs of Healing, Ashtar Command, Wise Teachers etc

Transcript Date: 24th September 2019

(Trance Session in Cornwall with Seven Friends Present)

Troubles of the World and the Mind

Troublesome minds we fear. Troubles are many in your world, in thoughts and thought patterns return time and time again as the issues and problems reoccur within your world of men. Can you not relax? Seek the wisdom within, for it gives you reassurance.

Allow us this evening to join you with words of wisdom and comfort to you all.

Fragile, your minds, but the blessings given are many although unseen by so many of your world. Conscious are we of the new beginnings to come. Your energies reel back at times as they are drained by the negative impulses produced by your world, like an infection it spreads, affecting one to the other. So shine your light, that inner self of peace, for this will combat these many things of life. Share your beliefs and your grief because it helps to give freedom to your soul.

You are part of us

We are not frequent visitors to your place of worship, however we welcome you this evening. Help us to inspire those who do not see or do not have the vision of the time to come, for we know your purpose is good and your belonging within the world of spirit has been always with you. You are a part of us, a ball of energy that seeks likewise within your world of men.

Despise us not for the things spoken of, for there are many who are in disagreement at this time with our ways and beliefs, our speech is strange and brings you discomfort in your modern times, yet we applaud those that welcome us and greet us with open arms, that we may speak in terms of love and issue you with a greeting.

Be united

Many gather within the world of spirit to unite with you in your struggles and your times. There is much fear that we have spoken of and yet united, you will alleviate all these problems and troubles. Alas we fear at this time, that your togetherness is more of fear rather than an accepting of others beliefs and trials and tribulations. So grant yourselves peace, bring purpose to each other, respond to each others problems and troubles. Allow not the fears of the world to bring you down, but keep a positive attitude and response to others, for this will be returned in kind and the beauty of the world in which you live will be seen once more, for it is overlooked many times by those of greed and profit and those who do not wish to know anything, other than for themselves. So begin a new life within yourselves and help yourselves to a better way of living.

Worship and Teachings

This place in which we sit tonight rang the bells, tolled the bells, many a time, and the preachers that worshipped here welcomed all who came (site of former monastery). As servants they cared for their welfare and their belief. Today many are ignored, and even your own establishments where a respite could be taken are closed doors to many and this is a terrible thing. To worship that which you call the Lord is no shameful thing. Bring your thoughts to a positive reflection. Teachings are given and are many. Your responses will dictate the actions that you take within your life and they are there as a guide to whisper in your ears, not in the literal sense by the way man writes these laws and commands, but seek the wisdom within, for it will bring you power and strength to behold the world in which you exist.

There are many today who would ignore all these things of life, they do not seek the wisdom within and we speak many times of this, we find it necessary to repeat as there is much to be taught, much to be learnt from the wisdom that you seek within. Be not afraid to speak your mind, not in a coarse way, but in a way of a beginning to help yourselves. Do not respond in kind when anger is set against you, for anger as we said will spread, respond with kindness, or ignore if you must, but better to teach that than to teach anger in response.

Come together this evening and give us your thoughts. We welcome those who are new to join us.

New speaker

Much wisdom has been spoken in the past and will be spoken once more, and for those ears that will listen, they too will respond. We welcome one this evening and give her our blessing that she may know the freedom of heart. And so it is that many who speak of wisdom do not always action their words.

Those who declare us to be fictional

We speak generally to the population, responses are heard that declare us of fiction, others would argue this point, it is of the imagination, the soul, the spirit, is of waking life only and does not truly exist. We hear these things and we are sad. So much disbelief, how it is that mankind can whisper these lies? Search your own soul, search your own being, seek the truth within, contemplate the many things of life and the correspondence in which it is sent.

Belief is within your soul, we do not ask for bended knees. Occasional prayers of thanks are spoken with wisdom, we do not seek your penance, for you will learn of this in time to come. You live your lives the best way you can, circumstances change for many, arguments erupt and peaceful resolutions are given to counter those arguments. We applaud the efforts of many as do our friends, and we bring a welcome to you this evening, for we are the Beings of Light for those who respond and watch over your whims and wishes within reason. Help us to implore to those of your world that do not see the reflection of their life within their actions, within their time. We are here for guidance, the wisdom you seek is within, the truth held within is much.

Help him to service his needs and we will help you in the many ways of spiritual teaching. Do not be ashamed to say these words, for what is spirit? It is energy, the energy that produces life and freedom of the soul.

Nature, Drugs of Healing and Greed and Avarice

Long ago in times past when mans memories were fresh he respected the wisdom given. Some things in life are given free of will to improve matters within your world and yet there are those who have twisted these things far out of proportion, enveloping the world in the things of need and want. But there is much to be had without the practical things of life, for all things are created to assist, as in nature, there are things held within nature that assist the animal kingdom. We speak of not the hallucinatory drugs, but the drugs of healing. Many in the past, botanists and others would redeem their remedies from these natural things, they were not created in a lab, not conjured up out of thin air by the chemicals that you sought, they were natural and people were of great understanding of these many wondrous remedies. Witchcraft they called it, well simple times, simple minds. Today these things are ignored, not because they are of witchcraft of those times but because they are witchcraft of a different kind, those of greed, those of money who seek no end to their lust. They will fulfil their world with all their wants and their gains and they will live in relative freedom for now. But what will they take with them when their time is done? Will they purchase a mansion in the spirit world? Will they take their wealth with them? The reality is no, they will not. These are things of earth that man has created for themselves to bring themselves pleasure. They are things of no value to us at all, the value lies within the heart. Within your extreme measures of wisdom and those that abuse these things, they are the ones that will stand and wonder what has happened, ‘Why can I not purchase freedom of my soul? What is this darkness that surrounds me?’ Yet in their life if they had freedom of will and soul, a love affair of mankind and not of greed and purchase, they would be surrounded with what you term, ‘The Light’, and we say to them now, change your ways, for your greed and avarice will get you no further than you deserve within this place of light.

Animals are no less than you

Take your animals, you think them as menials of life, to be mistreated with unkind words and actions, they are no less than you. Their wisdom stems from a different place, and yet it is of light, as are your souls and your being. We hear your questions, ‘Where are these from?’ What is it that makes me who I am?’ ‘What is the spirit and soul?’ ‘Who am I?’ We can give you clues, but you must seek these things for yourself and that is your purpose in life, to find your way. You must begin to look, to seek out these questions within your mind. Once you begin to understand the purpose of life, then you may control your environment around you, and those of like mindedness will bring together others, and so the light will grow. Do not stifle these things within your mind.

Scepticism and truth

Scepticism is much within your world, yet deep down they seek the truth and they don’t know it, but they must seek these things out. They will not believe you when you say, ‘I have seen this’, or ‘I have heard that’ for they have not and they cannot trust in your word that you have been privileged to see something.

Love, forgiveness and inner wisdom

Follow your dreams children, do not seek the greed and avarice of your world, for it will bring you nothing more than what you came with. It means nothing to us, only love is what you take with you and love is what you will bring and if you do not have that love inside you, then don’t expect any less from us. But forgiveness is given always and we must always give you hope, never fear the things that you have done in your past, for much is forgiven and blessings will be brought, it is only for the asking, only for the caring.

Seek the wisdom inside and it may bring you joy in ways that you cannot possibly imagine at this time. Let them flow as the rivers of life flow and when the obstacles of life, as the rocks in the river, find an easy course, don’t try and cross those obstacles for you will fail. But there is an easy route to follow and follow that road and you have a saying, ‘Go with the flow’ within your life, this expression suits this admirably.

Bring yourselves hope and do not get bogged down by life.

New speaker


Take your time, that is what it’s all about and yet time seems so short to many. Life has many extreme measures, many pleasures, much sorrow. It is the valiant one that can overcome these things and can ride the rapids of life and we wish you well with this, for our circumstances were many within your world of men. You know not who speak, but be assured many civilisations came before yours.

Many were extinguished through the avarice of men and the beings that existed, they are just beginning to find out these things now. Much has been forgotten with time, covered over and the knowledge is lost and once more we start from the beginning. We wish you well upon your journeys, upon this world of life. Do not think that your end is the end, your journey has only just begun and you will accomplish much if you will.

Wise teachers from other worlds

Time and time again the words have been spoken and not adhered to and it is difficult for you to understand within a spiritual aspect, the words given, or the religious overtones of your world. Think of them as wise teachers who have come to lend assistance and guidance to you from other worlds and beyond. Yes, we speak of those of other worlds, for they are many. There are the curious and they observe, as you do with your probes.

You are not unique

Don’t think you are unique, far from it! You too will one day reach other planets and destinations, and you too will cause mayhem, because maybe they might be as you are now, and you will seek out this life, and you will transport it to enquire as to their being and the makings of their being. You think you are unique, do not be so sure of yourselves. Soon will come a time when the open minded will force the issue. Truth is seldom given within your world, for much is hidden and they speak of the light and the dark, and the control that is exercised over you by your authorities of this world. Yet you have freedom of thought, you do not have to adhere to popular belief, seek your own wisdom.

Many eyes that watch you

Look to the skies and the heavens, for there are many eyes that watch you, as you watch them. Do not be afraid, their appearance will be different, but there will come a time when you as men must graduate within life and become one once more with the heavens.

An uprising, popularity, has begun. Encouragement will be given to those of focus. You cannot understand why it is that so many are blind and think that their existence is unique. ‘There could not possibly be anything else, other than what’s on this planet.’ But you are wrong.

We feel we are speaking to those of understanding this evening, with some concept of what we talk about, and these beings will be united in their efforts to join you. But quite frankly we fear for the outcome, for the military of your world demand more than this, they are the ones who demand respect, and yet they are the ones who have hostilities within their hearts, not wanting to lose control, not wanting to give up what they regard as the riches of the earth, and yes many seek the many minerals held within your earth as they do with other worlds.

Seeking knowledge for advancement

Many seek wisdom, knowledge to be gained that may bring advancement. Tesla knew this, he was one of a kind and connected in a way misunderstood by many and yet he was denied his freedom of thought and his purpose and his wishes to bring free energy to all those who would wish it. This is the dark of your world, this is what you call the ‘negative’ for want of a better word, it is unacceptable to be of a united front, united colonies of many worlds and you must grow before you may join these things that exist to this day.

Ashtar Command

Ashtar Command is spoken of by one this man knows (George Burridge). There is much truth in this and many of you will receive messages, and you will think they are silly thoughts, put them out your mind, do not acknowledge them, yet guidance is not only given by those of the light that you call ‘spirit’ but only the negative. You must open your eyes and minds and accept these words, for there is much teaching and guidance within them. Do not be helpless in your efforts to unite your world, joy will come at a time specified.

Sugar candied lies, well no.

New speaker

Are the messages for real?

Is he for real? Does he make this up as he goes along? Is his enquiring mind ever still? Is it filled with purpose to blind us to thinking of these many possibilities? Does he consume knowledge in the words given in the books of your life to feed you knowledge to blind you? No! His aspirations are of a higher place and command respect amongst us. Are your aspirations equal to match this? His quotations and focus have been brought for purpose as has hers, the one who battles for your environment. Do not misjudge them, as giving panic to the situation within your world, for much teaching is being brought throughout your world and even these words spoken this evening by this one, shall one day be heard, beyond your lives perhaps. But they have purpose.

Environmental Disasters and Truth

She will not save this world from the environmental disasters that will cause struggle and strife within your lives, for many will seek refuge and be unforgiving of those who brought disaster upon them. How can this be that you live in a world of uncaring souls? What has happened to those bright aspects we gave you so long ago? To live your lives, to learn, for freedom of will and the courage to be gained. We ask you, as the human race to once more rise in support of these gestures given by her, by this man and by others who bring you knowledge, George (Burridge) is one, he seeks the truth as many, and despite his age he will not give in, he will not succumb to that of doubt or fear, nor should you. But courage, and ask nothing of anyone that you wouldn’t ask yourself, we do not mean this in the way of greed but in the way of knowledge and belief. Do not assume that you are the be all and end all of life, the supreme being that many perceive you to be, for you will surely be taught a home truth in the time to come.

Step your knowledge up a notch or two and bring yourselves peace within your lives. Look to those of wisdom who speak at this time, for there are many who are in need of welcome.

The Angels of Life

The angels of your life are the nurses and they come in many forms. They bring respite and peace to those, sorrow may come and go and their lives will be blighted by many sad things of life. They see the struggles go on and those that suffer and the poisons issued, as spoken of before, they are given to bring comfort, but not relief.

Life exists in many forms, Gaseous Giants

So many lack conviction in your lives, it has become a place of need, a sorrowful place where life is cheap, and we don’t speak of just your being, but that of all life that exists upon your world for it is unique within many solar systems and galaxies unknown to you. We spoke of life, of existence, and how your uniqueness is not the be all of everything. The conditions of life are not to be as your world, they can exist in extreme forms. Many things are an illusion to you and even the gaseous giants that exist conceal life, not as you would recognise it, not as you would want to see it, but none the less, their existence is fertile and their wisdom and knowledge may exceed yours at this time and yet they are different, they are unique in their appearance maybe, as you are unique in your appearance.

Manipulated you are, and you were, and you cannot understand this and their being is of a gaseous form, not of your flesh and blood, not of your earthly makeup. Do not express life as being of solid matter, for it can take many forms, gaseous in nature. Even in the depths of your north and south poles life can exist within the ice. Scientists discover these things and ask how can this be? Their minds are shut to all possibilities that life can exist anywhere, within the tubes of your deep oceans they exist in the most extreme environments with pressures so unbelievably heavy upon them. Yet there they are, you see them on your screens of vision, you see them exist and still you say ‘we are unique and nothing else can be beyond this world, for we are in a unique position from the sun’. Hmm, much to learn, much to find. Your closed minds at this time are gradually being opened and you will become aware as the authorities feel it necessary to release information, but only in dribs and drabs enough to satisfy the masses, not enough to answer your questions or the truth behind them.

Beings that exist within your nations – Humanoids

Would you know of the beings that exist within your nations at this time? They too have purpose. You have the chameleons of earth, they are not unique, the cuttlefish of your oceans change their colours, are not unique. Disguises in many forms are possible, so look to yourselves and seek the wisdom, be open minded and accepting of all possibilities, because this will bring you fear if you do not. You must accept that you are not unique in species and your form is not to be found anywhere else other than your earth. There are likenesses, we will agree, humanoids you may call them, yet they are different. Do not delude yourselves, be responsible, and if a visitor comes calling, please welcome them, not with fear but with optimism that they may assist with your structure of life. The hostilities brought against them will be brought to bear and we can assist in neutralising these things, but it is up to you as a nation of the human race to make them aware of your acceptance and your longing to learn and to become one of that united planetary system that exists.

Expand your minds

Primitive you are, it is time to grow, time to expand your minds, for this was the purpose given to you long ago as the human animal. This man knows and accepts that there was manipulation so long ago to create the specimen upon earth that perhaps would evolve and bring better times and assist those of the earth, including the animals and the flora and fauna of your planet and everything. You have lost your way and those of greed and avarice are corrupted at this time. They are as the blind man, they cannot see, they cannot see the wrongful things they do and the purpose of devastation they will bring to your world, you must make them see, as nations upon your earth you must insist, as she does, that they listen, lend your support to her and others of her kind.


We talk of discrimination as well, for this brings fear to the many and they will not accept even their own kind. Discrimination is rife, control yourselves and your lives with love, control it with a useful purpose to assist each other and be as the insects of your nations, for there is much to be learnt within your natural world, and yes, war exists even within those small structures of your planet, those you call the insects and they live and struggle to survive, but they do no more than is needed. You, as a being, are critical of all and your extreme measures are not only for the necessities of life but for greed, for fear of other things, so if you see something that is not of your being …. hmm, expendable, yes, you will eliminate it, or use it for sport. Do you understand the fear that you bring these creatures? Is it any wonder they will not approach you within the wilds of your life? They know, their instincts are good, you have lost these abilities.

New speaker


Hmm, you have lost your senses in many ways, common sense must prevail, your hearts must be successful in your attitude to others of your world. The united nations was created, not solely for those who sought the income of life, hmm, it was created for responsibility and purpose to each other that you may live together in relative peace and not suffer the consequences of many things that occurred in the past. We see the collapse of these things, hmm, breaks my heart. Many accomplishments made have now ceased through foolishness. Do not seek that which is beyond your life or your expectance of life, you are given purpose as told.

You may recognise me and you may not, I was once a man of position, control and yes, I was consumed at the time and my deeds were thought of as irresponsible, but a means to an end no less. Much I have regretted, much I have seen since my eyes were awoken on this side of life and I need to speak my mind once more. Do not be afraid of the circumstances, bring yourselves purpose once more as that of your United Kingdom. There is much to be gained from strength and I don’t speak of war, but inner strength to resist the temptations in those war mongering fears that are brought to you.

I must cease now, be the lion you once were and not the pussy cat that you now are. Good evening.


Author: messagesformankind

'Michael Champion Trance medium. His work consists of communications through thought transference which are mainly from 'Being's of Light' of other dimensions. This broad spectrum of beings includes those from angelic realms and extra terrestrials. From time to time well known names from history and popular celebrities bring forward significant messages and also private individuals from the world of spirit who wish to communicate poignant stories with loved ones. The main purpose of all the messages is to educate and broaden the minds of humanity to the possibility of a 'New Dawn'. Becoming a trance medium was something of a surprise to Michael, it started as an initial interest in 'ghost hunting' which widened his awareness into accepting the existence of consciousness that could communicate from the world of spirit. After practicing meditation he soon began to receive communications while in a state of light trance, it was then that he realised, not all messages were from a human source. Very quickly the importance of the messages and their content became apparent, particularly after meeting his friends, Kevin and Valerie who recognised the great value of his work. After the sudden passing of his wife in 2017, Michael moved from Southern England to the Scottish Borders to be near his son and daughter in law. From his peaceful home he continues with his trance sessions, during which he records and transcribes new and fascinating messages on a weekly basis. These are currently being compiled into future volumes of 'Messages for Humankind’. They are regularly posted onto a blog site of the same name which reaches readers throughout the world. Valerie & Kevin. Together they work to proof read, edit and sometimes explain the messages for Michael as well as managing a blog site for him in an effort to allow the communications to reach as many people as possible.

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